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Corporate Responsibility


CompuCom is passionate about supporting the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in these communities by fostering volunteer efforts in national organizations, promoting sustainability programs at all of our corporate location, and supporting international human rights principles.

CompuCom Cares

The CompuCom Cares program focuses on sponsoring philanthropic organizations and events, as well as encouraging and recognizing associates’ participation in volunteerism. Click here to see our recent activities.

PlanIT CompuCom Sustainability Initiative

CompuCom is committed to improving the world we live in through our “PlanIT CompuCom” initiative. We’ve developed a dedicated program to promote the development and implementation of green projects for our organization, clients and associates – We empower associates to make a change in their professional and personal lives.

PlanIT CompuCom fosters a culture of eco-conscious policies and provides the training for Green-living. Our focus is on initiatives that reduce the consumption of fuel, electricity, and paper materials and ultimately reduce the combined carbon footprint of CompuCom and our clients.

Services and Solutions

Cloud and Virtualization – We are leveraging these new and emerging technologies to dramatically reduce the physical and environmental demands of data centers. Virtualizing servers alone can reduce server energy consumption and floor space by more than 80%.

Intel® vPro™ Technology – We are implementing this technology in our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM™) based solutions which can deliver more than $400 in annual per-device TCO savings, while boosting performance and lowering energy cost.

Equipment Disposition Program – We help our clients manage the re-use or disposal of aging assets. We look first at any opportunity to effectively redeploy or sell aging equipment; if those options are not available, we will dispose of equipment in full compliance with rules and regulations.

Green Initiatives

Optimized Field Dispatch – We optimize the deployment of our field dispatch teams to make certain that we limit miles driven to what is absolutely necessary. In addition, we manage the number of dispatches needed by using self-service, self-healing, and remote support options prior to any dispatch being initiated.

Optimizing Product Shipments – We analyze each shipment to determine the best approach from a carrier standpoint to meet the clients’ specific need, while balancing delivery time and carrier transit times, reducing transportation emissions and costs.