Q&A with CompuCom CEO Dan Stone

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Dan Stone is responsible for providing strong global leadership and operational excellence to advance the mission and strategy of CompuCom®. He has served as our chief executive officer since December 2016. 

What role do you think technology should be playing in organizations today?

From social media and mobility to big data analytics and autonomics, we're in an era of exciting and rapid change. As technology and business leaders come together to leverage these advancements, we must remember that technology is ultimately an enabler. An enabler for people to be more efficient, productive, insightful and enlightened. And organizations must be designed to capitalize on the benefits of enabling technology so end users can achieve more. That means removing organizational silos and replacing them with teams that focus on speed and are networked for interdependencies.

How are you positioning CompuCom to help clients navigate the major changes in the IT industry?

We realize that most clients can't simply abandon their existing IT infrastructure and start from scratch. So we've fundamentally evolved our solution portfolio to provide a "stair-step" model, which enables clients to enter at various points in our portfolio and build from there.

We take into account key trends like bring-your-own-device, consumerization of IT, the varying needs of a multigenerational workforce and the rapid rise of all things mobile. And through it all, we strive to keep the end user at the center of the technology-support equation.

What are some key things that CompuCom is focused on from a client perspective?

First, we're focused on predictable and cost-effective delivery. We want clients to think of their IT infrastructure support just like they think about your house’s tap water — you turn on the faucet, and you know it will always be there for you.

The changing market dynamics — and how innovation can enable more robust, impactful solutions — is another area of emphasis. For example, through our Solution Café® service, we provide walk-up tech support within our client campuses. In this model, CompuCom techs can handle twice the number of support events each day compared to traditional desk-side support approaches, and CIOs are able to deliver more innovative support models. It's no wonder so many end users prefer this approach to traditional desk-side support.

What do you think CompuCom does better than other IT providers? 

One thing that sets us apart is our commitment to constantly reimagining the end-user experience. That requires a different kind of mind-set. It means focusing not on supporting particular devices or applications, but on supporting the end user and making his or her experience as productive and pleasurable as possible. Our approach has paid off. In fact, Gartner consistently positions us in the upper part of the Leader category in their annual Magic Quadrant for End-User Computing.

In addition, we provide products and services, and deliver both in a dynamic fashion. For instance, we have deep relationships with all of the key product manufacturers, so we can help clients purchase, configure products to their specs, deploy the equipment and then manage it all on an ongoing basis. Whether a client needs just one of these services, a fully managed service arrangement or anything in between, we can do it. It's what we call our "vertically integrated delivery model."

What is your definition of innovation, and how is it shaping the technology industry?

Everyone seems to have a different definition of innovation, so it's important for all of us to arrive at a common understanding beyond "I'll know innovation when I see it." At CompuCom, we see innovation as any transformation of a process, offering or business model that has a measurable, significant and sustained business impact. Furthermore, it's something made possible not by an individual, but by people working together across divisions and mastering collaboration.

In a market that's becoming increasingly commoditized, applied innovation will be very important for clients as well as for our own operational efficiency. So we're investing in new and better ways to deliver services, such as optimizing the use of our teams around the globe, leveraging automation, and using analytics and big data to inform our work. And in the spirit of "drinking our own champagne," we're putting our new end-user focused portfolio solutions to work internally. From persona management and persona portals to walk-up tech support (e.g. our Solution Cafés), we're leveraging our solutions to enhance our overall operations and drive innovation around process improvement. 

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