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IT Procurement

We deliver a consistent, centralized solution for making IT purchases

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Traditional IT procurement processes are slow and cumbersome; they can also take up too much of your IT staff’s time. The process of sourcing and managing licenses and physical assets often consumes resources that could be utilized on revenue-generating initiatives.

We deliver a consistent, centralized solution for making IT purchases. By utilizing a one-stop shop for virtually all of your hardware and software needs, you can consolidate purchases for volume, report trends, and metrics; and continuously refine procurement channels and methods to maximize the value of your IT investments.

We have forged strategic relationships with many of the leading software publishers and hardware manufacturers in order to most effectively meet our clients’ needs. We offer procurement services and life-cycle management for both hardware and software products to streamline the purchasing process and enable you to get the most value from the assets you purchase.

For instance, we can substantially reduce the complexity and turnaround time for equipment and service delivery by:

  • Providing client portals for access to the IT industry’s leading vendors
  • Offering self-service solutions for preparing quotes, placing orders, and checking order status and purchace histories
  • Providing agent-supported purchasing through our Client Assistance Center

Our automated process allows you to actively manage software investments to reduce the complexities and costs of software licensing and compliance. You also benefit from our experts knowledge of the latest purchasing options from all major hardware and software providers.  

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