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Mobile Device Management


With the proliferation of mobile devices entering the corporate environment, you are faced with deciding what to support, how to support it, and how to manage it. If you’re too restrictive, end users will simply go around you – not restrictive enough and you create risk for your organization.

To get your arms around this challenging opportunity, you need a comprehensive strategy to manage, integrate, and secure mobile devices that not only addresses today’s needs, but builds a platform for the future.  CompuCom’s two-week Quick Start program can get any size organization started with a mobile device management strategy.

Whether you require a fully managed environment or want to allow employees to bring their own devices (BYOD), or a blend of the two…we can help. Once the Quick Start Program is complete, we can step in and manage the:

  • Acquisition of hardware, peripherals, consumables, and licenses for software & support
  • Provisioning of new devices, reconfiguration of existing devices, and support for BYOD devices
  • Implementation and testing, user policy review and documentation, and reporting design
  • Security upgrades of your Wi-Fi infrastructure to handle new BYOD’s and to manage access, encryption, remote wipe, end-point, data segmentation, etc.
  • Delivery of all levels of support, including self-service for the end-users and mobile device management infrastructure
  • Rapid development of business-ready applications in as little as nine weeks – from application design to system integration and testing, we can provide the solution to meet your business and IT needs

…all at a savings of up to 28% less than managing it in house

Results like this require a dynamic approach and a framework for success—one that drives business value through IT by:

  • Reducing the burden to build, deploy, and manage a mobile device environment
  • Enabling business users with flexible mobile device options, self provisioning, and self service
  • Increasing compliance and data security while still allowing user access to personal data

To learn more, contact us for a free appointment with one of our subject matter experts.

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