IT Asset Disposition

Environmentally Safe, Secure Disposal and Resale of Your IT Assets

IT Asset Disposal

CompuCom has been providing IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services for more than 20 years. We now handle more than 3.5 million devices annually, and process more than 200,000 assets a year for donation to philanthropic programs. We help organizations through ongoing, regular refresh cycles or one-time equipment removals, such as the shutdown of a satellite office or branch campus.

Our services are cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and comprehensive. We remove traditional end-user devices as well as data center infrastructure such as servers and networking equipment, and offer a consultative approach on whether assets can be refurbished and resold, or simply recycled. We return a large portion of the proceeds to the client, helping offset disposition costs. Contact us to learn more.


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Cost-Effective Asset Disposal and Secure Data Handling

CompuCom works with clients to configure a solution to address their needs, whether for one-time projects or ongoing services.

We offer a nationwide network of IT asset decommissioning facilities, recycling partners, and freight carriers to cost-effectively manage any client’s decommissioning needs. Our one-stop delivery capability includes secure logistics and operational processes to provide a “tight chain of custody” of all assets in order to safeguard clients’ intellectual property and meet state and federal requirements.  

To help offset decommissioning costs, we provide refurbishment and resale of assets.

Our ITAD solution includes:

Infographic: IT Asset Disposition Steps
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Ensure Compliance, Minimize Data Leakage, and Other ITAD Benefits

CompuCom's ITAD services will enable your organization to save money on disposal costs, reduce legal risks, and enhance business services. More on what you get:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership by returning the residual value of used assets back to the business. On average, we return 70 percent of resale proceeds to clients.
  • Minimize risk of loss of intellectual capital through secure transportation, documented data destruction and certified downstream processing.
  • By using CompuCom for the full disposition process, we provide a single point of contact, which increases customer satisfaction and reduces the costs associated with multiple suppliers and remarketing channels. 
  • Ensure compliance with local and national regulatory bodies, as well as fulfill corporate sustainability goals through a managed IT Asset Disposition program.
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