CompuCom Upgrades IT Systems for Global Financial Services Corporation

CompuCom continually strives to optimize IT operations and implement new IT support strategies that differentiate this client in a highly competitive market.

Formed from one of the largest mergers in history, this multinational financial services corporation runs the world’s largest financial services network. The U.S.-based financial corporation holds more than 200 million customer accounts and operates approximately 16,000 offices in 140 countries. It is one of the primary dealers in U.S. Treasury securities.

A number of disparate systems and an overlapping IT staff had resulted in high IT maintenance costs for the financial services corporation. To stay competitive and serve the needs of increasingly sophisticated business users, the financial corporation needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure and services. In light of the economic downturn and the need to be as lean and efficient as possible, the financial corporation elected to outsource IT support for one of its major divisions.

By selecting CompuCom to deliver the required services, the financial corporation continued a trusted relationship that goes back more than 25 years with a continually expanding scope of services over that time frame. Contributing to the decision was CompuCom’s knowledge of the financial corporation’s business and IT environment, its strong Project Management Office (PMO) and its proven ability to consistently deliver the highest levels of performance while reducing IT costs.

Today, CompuCom delivers a comprehensive suite of workplace services, including desktop services, break-fix support and IMACs (installs, moves, adds and changes) for 10,000 of the financial company’s end users across the U.S. and Canada. In addition, CompuCom’s well-established PMO team ensures the successful execution of project services for the branch offices.

In a recent initiative, CompuCom led a complex consulting engagement to update antiquated onboarding systems and processes that were frustrating end users and delaying the setup of new hires. By developing persona profiles segmented according to the roles and functions of a user’s job profile, CompuCom could map which applications, devices, access privileges and policies aligned with the user’s job responsibilities. This ensures that all 250,000 employees, including new hires, obtain the right hardware, software and permissions. The financial services company expects this project to drive substantial cost savings across the enterprise and improve the end-user experience.

CompuCom continually strives to optimize IT operations and implement new IT support strategies that differentiate this client in a highly competitive market. Throughout its partnership with the financial services corporation, CompuCom has helped improve the perception users have of IT by consistently exceeding 95% service level agreement (SLA) requirements.

Client Name: 
Global Financial Services Corporation
Services Provided: 
Measurable Results:
  • Improved service levels and response times
  • Optimized end-user productivity
  • Increased overall organizational effectiveness
  • Increased effectiveness of business processes
  • Reduced IT support costs
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