ITIL Explained Simply and Visually

The 5 Cycles of ITIL® Explained

Are you hungry for better service and value from your enterprise IT? Well imagine having dinner at a restaurant run by grocery store managers. The baker brings out the soufflé first, when it’s done, and the dinner rolls last. Produce delivers your baked potato while your steak is still raw and is the cold macaroni and cheese a dairy problem or a dried goods issue?  They provide everything in a meal but it’s not the service you paid for.  IT departments frequently operate like this. They use the old IT by technologies model: desktops, servers, networks. Like grocers with ingredients. They budget tech, think tech and they talk tech. Their managing technology ingredients while business needs information services that deliver business value.

There is a frame work called ITIL (The Infrastructure IT Library) that addresses this problem, lowering IT costs and improving service. It’s globally accepted as the blueprint for IT to deliver business value. ITIL redefines IT to deliver business information services. This video explains the five key service cycles in ITIL by comparing them to service cycles in a restaurant chain.

ITIL is the globally recognized collection of best practices for delivering great IT services. CompuCom has been helping our clients implement ITIL for more than 10 years. We are experts in transitioning companies to ITIL.

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