Andrew Reese

Managing Principal, Security Consulting Practice Leader
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What is your role at CompuCom? 
I have worked in CompuCom’s Professional Services (PS) business unit since 2005, as their Security Consulting Practice Leader. I direct and lead the most complex security consulting projects, developing PS security service offerings and customizing deliverables for our client base, as well as, providing overall project management knowledge and skills to address broad security design issues from a strategic perspective.

Why did you choose to work at CompuCom?
I sat on several technical advisory boards for numerous well-known security companies over the years, which has allowed me to work with a couple previous Executive Leadership Team (ELT) members from CompuCom. 

Share a little about your background.
You need to understand that I grew up working in a family that owned many different types of businesses over the years. My Grandfather founded the H.B. Reese Candy Company and invented the REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, which my father inherited and led to me working in his businesses for free, businesses in: manufacturing, retail, wholesale, hotels and motels, concert halls, amusement parks, clothing, tourist attractions, restaurants and cafeterias of all sizes, merchandise import and export companies, and even jewelry manufacturing companies. If you ever been to Niagara Falls, you will possibly saw a tower my father built and owned, the Skylon Tower. The top of the tower is in the shape of a peanut butter cup. At the age of 14, I started my first security job doing retail loss prevention in that tower — monitoring for shoplifters from large ventilation ducts that I could look down from and into the stores below. I even did security and bodyguard work for concerts held there.

But I truly owe my security career to the United States Military. Specifically, the US Naval Submarine Force (USS George Bancroft, SSBN 643 Blue Crew), which I joined at the young age of 17. My sub has since been cut in half and is now on display as a memorial to the submarine force; it is located just outside the main gate of the Kings Bay, Georgia, Naval Submarine Base, which is not that far from Fort Mill, South Carolina. Not too many people can say they actually launched a nuclear missile, but I did, and I was the actual countdown supervisor in charge of that launch. Over the years I have achieved a large number of security industry and vendor product certifications. I learned to read them fancy manuals (RTFM). Since then I have progressed up the line in Corporate America, eventually starting three of my own security companies that I started from scratch and two that I sold at the 5 and 7 year mark. My last managed security services company, AimNet Solutions, was sold in 2007 to Cognizant. I came to work for CompuCom in January of 2005.

What drives you in life – what are you most passionate about?
Life is way too short, so try to make every moment of your life memorable for those around you. Personally, I have lived in one-room efficiencies, even a pup tent, and I have lived in 38,000 square foot mansions and traveled the world. I’ve made it a point to help several homeless people by allowing them to live in my own personal home for more than a year until they got back on their feet. I’ve even given people the entire furnishings of my own home, for free, with no strings attached. I’ve taught many people martial arts for decades in order to protect themselves and it did not cost them a dime. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, look inside that book and you may just learn something you did not know. You can’t take possessions with you when you die, but perhaps the memories of others about you and what you did for them will live on forever! We can all learn to be humble in life.

What is your favorite place in the world?
I have lived in many placed around the world (47 places so far in my life time, I’ve moved six times while I was working at CompuCom). I have no favorite place in the world, because I’ve learned to enjoy what each place has to offer. I’ve even traveled the world from down under, on nuclear submarines.

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