10 Reasons to Outsource your IT

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Reasons to Outsource IT

Does your business have an external accountant to manage your business finances? What about an attorney to deal with all things legal? You rely on them for their expertise, entrusting that they are more knowledgeable and can execute more efficiently than you. Even if you do happen to be extremely savvy in one of these areas, is it really the best use of your time to be preparing tax documents or legal papers? 

The same logic can be applied to explain the benefits of outsourcing your IT. Your business will save time, money and operate more efficiently with a trusted team dedicated solely to IT. Still not convinced? Check out this list of reasons why an external IT team, commonly known as a managed service provider, might benefit your business. 

1. Get the most out of your employees

As a small business, you need to utilize your resources to their fullest extent. Maybe you have an IT manager, but are they being used to their fullest capabilities? Chances are a significant amount of time is spent on tasks such as tech support, configuring new devices or diagnosing connection problems. These duties take away from time to pursue more important projects that will add significant value to the company. Outsourcing your IT will free up your IT staff, or those who assume the IT role, to be more productive and focus on what they do best.

2. Predictable IT costs

With the typical break-fix model, something breaks, tech support is called to repair it, and you're saddled with a bill you were not expecting. With managed services, you have a fixed, monthly rate that not only covers repairs, but includes regular maintenance and proactive monitoring that helps prevent or detect issues before they negatively impact your business. With no hidden costs and predictable expenses, you can actually save money on IT. 

3. Reduce Downtime

Imagine having a team of IT experts monitoring your IT environment 24/7. If an issue occurs, they are there to resolve it before you even become aware of it. If an outage occurs, your IT team has a backup plan in place to keep you up and running. This level of support is one of the major benefits of a managed service provider. 

4. Early detection and problem resolution

You get routine oil changes and maintenance for your car so that you can prevent larger issues and make your car run longer. Similarly, your business technology needs regular updates and maintenance. A managed services provider will automatically do what is needed to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Furthermore, with proactive monitoring, issues can be detected early and resolved before they escalate and wreak havoc on your business. 

5. Local, responsive support at your beck and call

This one is a no-brainer. By outsourcing your IT, you have a dedicated team ready to help when something goes wrong. However, this is beneficial far beyond the occasional tech emergency. What if you decide to hire a new employee or expand your office? This team, who already understands the intricacies of your business, can help determine what technology solutions make the most sense for you.

6. Single point of contact 

With a managed services provider, you have a single point of contact for all IT-related issues. Gone are the days where you have to call a separate vendor to fix your printer, WiFi and antivirus software. Instead, you can call one dedicated team that already knows your business' technology inside-and-out. 

7. Strategic guidance for IT operations

A good managed service provider essentially serves as a consultant to your business and can provide guidance on how you can leverage technology to drive your business forward. Could you be streamlining certain processes to operate more efficiently? Or could a new solution improve your bottom line?  With a managed services provider, you have access to a highly trained and experienced team of experts that can help you align technology to your business goals, making IT work for you, not against you.

8. Ensure compliance

Doctor's offices have specific HIPAA complaint IT regulations they must follow. An e-commerce business must follow PCI security standards. A managed services provider will manage all of these security protocols for you, so you can rest easy knowing your processes are compliant and your customer data is secure. 

9. Peace of Mind

Every day businesses have to pick up the pieces after their computers are infected with viruses or their mission-critical data is compromised. The corruption or theft of sensitive information like financial or customer data can bring a company to its knees. You face lost revenue, lost trust and the high cost of recovery. With a skilled managed IT provider, you'll sleep well at night knowing your IT is running like a well-oiled machine and even if an emergency does occur, you've got a plan in place and team of experts to get you back up and running.  

10. Focus on what you do best

This the perhaps most important reason to consider outsourcing your IT. Allowing expert technology professionals handle your IT gives you the freedom to put your full focus on your business. 

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