3 Paths to Effective Digital Transformation


Turn technology initiatives into technology successes

According to Gartner, 47 percent of CEOs are under pressure from their boards to make progress in digital business, but only 17 percent of CIOs report their digital initiatives are at the scaling or harvesting levels. How can we accelerate that? It's one thing to talk about the possibilities, but how do we actually drive innovation and the execution of ideas? Here are three areas to focus on:

  1. What does the customer need? – One of the oldest clichés in business is "the customer is always right," but thinking about what the customer's pain points are – and how to be relevant in their lives – often leads to the most effective innovation strategies. If you can solve those needs – often before the customer even realizes there was once a hurdle – you've improved their experience from the outset. Smoothing the customer journey should be your constant focus. Always be moving forward, making things better, more innovative, more customer-centric, and more relevant.
  2. Innovate with partners – One thing that often slows innovation initiatives is a lack of in-house knowledge for the actual implementation of the idea or an institutional culture that slows progress. For example, your organization may excel at serving customers with traditional products and services, but you've no idea how to go about automating certain functions to improve productivity or use AI to parse big data to look for inefficiencies or opportunities. That can be the time to partner with a best-of-breed innovator because they do X, Y, or Z exceptionally well. Bolting their skills onto your already-successful business model gets you to market faster and benefits both organizations.
  3. Be bold and lay up – In business and in golf, there's a temptation to be the hero and fetch the big driver out of your bag to swing for the flagstick, but winners often play the smarter – and more conservative – game of laying up to get safely on the green. The same is true for innovation. You don't have to find huge ideas that will radically transform the entire organization from top to bottom. Again, look for efficiencies and productivity boosters – what we at CompuCom call "intrinsic innovation." It's not always about product or service innovation. Very often it's process innovation. It's like getting your body into shape. The process improvements make the organization work better.

For example, analyze the repetitive work your organization does for potential artificial intelligence and robotics solutions – you will find more process innovation wins that add up to significant savings. Work like billing, mail room, and proofreading are all things that can be done faster with technology that doesn't get bored, take coffee breaks, or call in sick. How much money is lost to downtime caused by technical problems? A solution like Self Healing Technology uses AI and automation to fix tech problems automatically, keeping everyone working smoothly. You get lower cost, more efficiency, and more productivity.

Moving Forward

Emerging technologies and services will drive solutions that go to the heart of some of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. But what exactly are these solutions? How have they already led to bottom-line results? And where do companies wanting to implement these solutions even begin?  

When brainstorming and prioritizing potential innovations, winning institutions will focus on the customer, partner with promising startups, and consider small wins equally with the potentially big ones.

If you feel stuck on your digital journey, CompuCom can help, from modernization to optimization CompuCom Managed Workplace Services, Infrastructure Modernization, and Digital Solutions are designed to accelerate digital wins, speed up innovation and secure future growth.

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