4 Reasons Digital Lockers & Vending Will Change the Future of Retail

February 22, 2018 | Post by Ken Jackowitz | 1 Comments
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Ordering new technology online can be fraught with risk. Plan on delivering a new laptop to a new employee or customer’s home? Thieves could pinch it on the doorstep.
Hoping to pre-order the latest hard drive and pick it up before the store runs out? You’re suddenly faced with fighting through a crowd. No one orders a new product online with the hope of running into more human error. Retailers can use a smarter solution to soothe their customers’ concerns: Digital lockers and vending.
Digital lockers enable customers to pick up their new purchases without standing in a queue or talking to an employee. Once a store associate fulfills and places the order into a secure Digital Locker compartment, the customer is automatically notified via email or text and provided a unique access number.
The customer can then arrive at the store, skip the checkout lines and pick up the order using the interactive touch screen. 

1. Fast service keeps your customers satisfied

Seven of every 10 customers say they had bought an item online and picked it up in the store in the past year, according to a 2017 study by Cleveron.
Speed and convenience is the name of the game for retail. Satisfied customers expect to be in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes when picking up their order, per the study.

2. Digital Lockers provide a solution for efficient repairs

Sending technology off for repairs is much more efficient and safe through a digital locker. Similar to the click-and-collect application, a part or device can be placed in a secure compartment. A technician is then sent a notification and secure PIN ID to unlock it.
The technician then arrives at any time to access the part and complete the repair. Store staff focuses on helping customers, while the technician makes his fixes without having to bother others.

3. Keep your customers’ technology safe

A digital locker can provide a high-tech deterrent on theft. Nearly half-a-million shoplifters and dishonest employees were apprehended in 2016 by just 23 large retailers who recovered over $120 million from these thieves, according to a 2016 survey.

Only the owner and technician has access to your equipment, thanks to a unique login process. That means proprietary information, access codes, passwords and sensitive emails stay within your domain. 

4. Transforming Digital Vending 

Vending machines aren't just for candy and drinks anymore. Digital Vending offers customers the same freedom. Say you want to pick up a new flash drive or laptop battery. In most retail locations with high-value, high-theft items, you may need to locate a staff member to unlock the product and bring it to the checkout. The time involved adds frustration to the buyers’ journey and can result in a lost sale if the staff isn’t available to help.
The best choice enables customers more access to products. By pairing the Digital Locker with an innovative vending system, retailers can provide an easier experience for the customer. Through an interactive touch screen interface, a customer can browse through the available products, select the ones they want and pay using a credit card or smartphone - without a staff member raising a finger.

Whether you’re opening a new store or you’re expanding your operations, it’s critical to invest in the right technology, right tools and right service provider to ensure long-term equipment reliability.

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