Apple’s New Operating Systems and Why They Matter to Your Business

September 23, 2016 | Post by James Bainter | 1 Comments

It’s that time again, when Apple releases updates to its operating systems. This is usually met with mixed reactions, as many end users fanatically wait with baited breath, but many IT administrators cringe at the thought of another update.

Here are some key changes that may affect your business.

Universal Clipboard Debuts

Finally! You can now copy and paste between your Apple devices. Apple utilizes iCloud to give you access to your clipboard contents, including text, photos and video. Of course, there will be mobile device management (MDM) policies to address any IT concerns.

Apple's New OS: Universal Clipboard Debuts

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive adds the Desktop and Documents folder so you can keep all of your important content in sync on any of your Apple devices, as well as on your PC.

There already is an MDM configuration payload to prevent iCloud Drive from being used, if needed by your organization.

Hopefully there will be granular controls so a balance between security and productivity can be maintained.

Apple's New OS: iCloud Drive Update

For more info on iCloud Drive for PC:


Siri comes to the MacOS!

You can be working on a presentation at work and ask Siri to message your coworker that it is on its way.

Now, that is multitasking!

Siri comes to the MacOS

Siri finds a presentation
Ask Siri to find a presentation if you can’t remember where it was saved. Use keywords or titles and then refine those results further.

You can pin Siri results in the Notification Center so you have all of the important data you want at your fingertips.

Search, Drag, Drop.

You can ask Siri to find a photo of Lake Tahoe, then drag the result right into an email or document. You have to try it to get accustomed a new and improved way to work. A year from now, you can look back and wonder how we ever used to get things done without voice commands.

On iOS, Siri Gets Her API Exposed

Apple will open the Siri API to outside developers, so third-party apps get to enjoy some voice control. At the last World Wide Developers Conference, Apple noted the work-oriented messaging app Slack will soon work with Siri.
Look for more from the Cisco/Apple collaboration as well.

Apple's New OS: drag and drop, API exposed

Keep Tabs

Forget having a bunch of open windows and minimizing one to find the other. We can now use tabs like we do in a web browser, but in most Mac apps, including third-party ones.

Apple's New OS: Keep Tabs

PiP (Picture in Picture)

You will be able to float a video window – for example, the web meeting that you are attending – over your desktop or full screen app. Let it roll in the corner of the screen, resize it and keep working on that document you were trying to finish. Let’s face it, how many of those mandatory meetings do you give your 100 percent attention to? (Except for me and any my boss(es) have me attend.

Seamless Phone

The new CallKit API for VoIP apps will allow third-party apps to behave like the native phone lock screen, recent calls and favorites. This makes it much more seamless to the end users, yet MDM controls enable IT to specify the default app for used for voice calls from any IT managed contact or account. Cisco Spark will most likely be ready to go on iOS 10 release day, as it was showcased in the keynote. Calls from your desk phone can be routed to your iPhone without setting up complicated forwarding rules.

New Apple File System

Apple disclosed a “next-generation file system” for 2017 that is optimized for flash storage. It is rumored to be engineered with encryption as its number-one feature.

IT-managed macOS Upgrades

Earlier in 2016, the 10.11.4 update added an ability for Macs enrolled with the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to install major OS updates. Many large enterprise customers have gone down the DEP path and can utilize this new feature to update their Macs to macOS Sierra.

Apple Beta Software Program
If you want to really stay on top of the upcoming updates, you can join the Apple Beta Software Program.

Just have a device or two that you designate for testing.

Any in-house apps should be tested for an optimum end user experience and less stress on the business.

You can find out more here:

Feel free to leave me a comment or question on these new features.

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The newest update to the iMessaging software is absolutely awesome.

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