A Better Digital Workplace Includes Self Healing Artificial Intelligence


Creating an end user-focused digital workplace involves new IT support models

Organizations that want to compete in today's business world of continuous digital disruption have to be nimble and innovative. The first rung on the ladder to digital transformation is a truly digital workplace. More than just "going paperless" or using collaboration platforms like Office 365 or Google G Suite, a digital workplace is a cultural shift that goes beyond the physical structure to a flexible consumer-like environment where workers can contribute from wherever they are, whenever they want, on their own terms. It's a digital-first ecosystem focused on the end user that fosters better problem solving and collaboration, which drives new business opportunities for the organization.

The Digital Workplace Brings New IT Support Challenges

Creating an end user-focused digital workplace involves giving workers the best tools through new technology such as applications, mobile devices, video conferencing, the cloud, big data, workplace analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, but it also requires new IT support models, too. That's because a workforce that is increasingly remote, mobile, and using a wider-than-ever assortment of devices (including their own in many cases) brings a new level of complexity and other challenges.

Workers in a digital workplace expect the same level of convenience and technical innovation they see as consumers in their personal lives. If an organization can't deliver that, then there's an incentive for top-quality talent to go somewhere that does.

Gremlins that disrupt work kill productivity and cause user experiences that aren't conducive to people doing their best work, and depending on your size, the cost of technology downtime can run into the thousands – if not millions – of dollars.

Meet Digital Workplace Support Expectations with Self Healing Technology

Just like organizations are looking at artificial intelligence examples for new business opportunities, AI is an excellent way to deliver the best possible IT support to end users. CompuCom's Self Healing Technology uses artificial intelligence and automation to solve common IT problems before the end user is even aware of a potential issue. Say, for example, a Wi-Fi network goes offline. Often, the solution is a simple device reset. Self Healing proactively sees the problem with the network and resets it without any action by an end user or a technician. Literally hundreds of other common issues with devices, software, and networks are fixed the same way, and downtime gets cut from potentially hours or days to just minutes or even seconds.

When a problem can't be solved through automation, Self Healing assesses what's needed, such as a hardware replacement, and automatically dispatches a tech to take care of it.

Because it's AI, Self Healing is always learning. Analytics gathered by the system looks at end-user actions and error messages to find ways to improve the automation – so it constantly gets better.

Complete Support with Self Healing Combined with Other Innovative Services

As the digital workplace is mobile-centric, the CompuCom Mobile Service Desk app lets users take care of simple tasks like password resets, open support tickets, chat with the Help Desk, or browse the library of self-help information from their mobile device.

And just like workers – when they're consumers – expect to be able to walk into a technology store and get instant help, CompuCom Walk-Up Services, called Solution Cafés, provide a friendly place where onsite end users can quickly get their technology problems solved. It means experts are available on-demand and by appointment to handle hardware repairs, technology refreshes, software upgrades, and more.

For end users who want to pick up devices or other equipment after hours or don't need to speak with a tech, Digital Lockers are the solution. Often used by retailers for pickup, in-store services, digital lockers are super convenient for IT support, too. A Solution Café tech simply leaves the equipment in a locker, the end user gets a message it's ready for pickup, and then enters a code at the digital locker to retrieve it.

Free Your Employees to Do Their Best Work

You want to give your workers the best tools to compete, and a digital workplace that is free of technology hiccups provides the best environment for creative thinking, innovation, and better business outcomes. The AI and automation in Self Healing cuts support costs while delivering better end-user experiences for both employees and customers. Mixed with other support solutions like the Mobile Service Desk App, Solution Cafés, and Digital Lockers, you set yourself up for success.

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