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March 07, 2018 | Post by Ken Jackowitz | 0 Comments
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CIOs often feel this dilemma. Employees have technology that is failing - say a company laptop that will not turn on or a mobile device is frozen - and the CIO needs to be able to trust that when that employee takes their device to tech support, that device doesn’t get lost or stolen.

The worries are well-founded. Breaches in security at credit agency Equifax, communications giants, and web services providers have severely damaged the public’s perception of their safety.

Around six in 10 Americans say they’ve personally experienced a major data breach, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center study. The root cause of information breaching, experts say, is the human touch. Around 81 percent of the communications data breaches caused last year were caused by leveraging stolen passwords.

Digital lockers are emerging as a convenient and safe way to ensure your information stays safely within the enterprise. Digital lockers galvanize a company’s risk management framework by providing an added layer of protection that tracks when a particular device was accessed and who accessed the device, providing a complete chain of custody.

If a device needs to be replaced or repaired, an employee can drop off the device in a secure digital locker compartment. A technician is then sent a notification and secure PIN ID to unlock the compartment.  And once everything is complete and ready to be picked up, the owner is notified via email or text with a secure unique access number to pick it back up.

Establishing a plan for insider threat protection is just as key as protecting from outside agents. Nearly 1 in 5 security breaches have come from rogue ex-employees or employees who aren’t authorized to handle classified documents.

The secure locking system on digital lockers makes sure only the people who need the piece - the owner and the repair expert - can gain access to it. Minimizing risk to confidential information requires thinking several steps ahead of would-be threats.

Digital lockers are poised to make a difference anywhere business is done, whether that be at a retail, college, financial, healthcare or office environment. Emergent technology is based off the pairing of convenience, security and ease of use.

Five Ways Digital Lockers & Vending Improve Safety and Operations

  • Click-and-collect without the wait
    CIOs need to drive efficiency, transparency and speed. Digital Lockers do this by removing the human element from the procurement process and driving automation.
  • 24/7 Availability for high value items
    Digital Lockers never sleep, and this can help a company scale to demand during peak or low seasons.
  • Technology asset loss prevention
    Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. No CIO wants a phone call in the middle of the night concerning a breached device. Remove this fear by safeguarding devices within the Digital Locker.
  • Employee Technology asset loss prevention
    Mistakes happen to people a lot more than they do to machines. Digital Lockers takes the onus of safeguarding information.  
  • Faster, more efficient repairs and support
    This technology drives value into CIO and workforce utilization rates. Digital Lockers gets your staff up and running faster and decreases downtime.

Are you interested in using Digital Lockers for your business? Comment below on how they might give you better peace of mind.

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