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As so much work is done on mobile devices, mobile support solutions are imperative

For more and more organizations, the nature of work is shifting away from the old model of an employee with a single desktop computer to a new flexible world of multiple devices where staffers contribute from wherever and whenever they need to.  

People have an average of 4.7 devices per user, which translates to an estimated 21 billion connected devices by 2020. A study by the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School found that 1-in-3 millennials would prioritize device flexibility, social media freedom, and work mobility over salary in accepting a job.

All the endpoints utilized by "omni-users" – as IDG has labeled them – mean a much more complex IT support system is required. Today's tech-savvy workers demand help wherever they are, and they want self-service solutions. They not only want to use work-provided devices but Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is increasingly popular.

As so much work is done on mobile devices, mobile support solutions are imperative. With its Mobile Service Desk App, CompuCom solves the problem by not only giving users what they're looking for but also cutting costs and boosting productivity at the same time.

Mobile Service App Features

CompuCom first launched its Service Desk App internally with a basic set of functions to reduce the number of help requests coming into its IT team. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. One of the most popular features of the app is a simple password reset feature that is actually simple to use. If locked out of their account, users can simply reach for their phone and unlock through the intuitive app instead of making a phone call or going to a computer.

Also popular is the ability to file a support ticket and then track it without leaving a mobile environment. Users first get a drop-down menu that helps narrow the scope of what they need, and then they can enter exactly what problem they're having.

Both the password reset and ticket options are automated, which speeds up the process and takes away the need for a live person to take down the information. It helps eliminate the need for additional agents, and it also allows them to get quicker service.

The app also has a cognitive search function that's connected to CompuCom's knowledge base of over 70,000 continually updated self-service knowledge articles. This allows users who want a self-help option to look for solutions on their own before engaging the Service Desk.

Lastly, there's a live chat feature where users can text back and forth with a Service Desk representative to get their problem solved.

More Automation Added

Since it was first launched,  CompuCom has incorporated artificial intelligence from its ASCENDDigital Platform into the app’s knowledge search and chat features.

Using Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and Machine Learning, the app learns as it’s used in any language so it can initiate action and get answers as a virtual help desk agent. It can parse the data it captures to identify patterns, create new knowledge, and produce insights that can be used to speed problem resolution and improve the user experience.

Future versions of the Mobile Service Desk App will include CompuCom's Self Healing Technology to automatically detect and fix technology issues. Users will be able to use the app to initiate troubleshooting for over 400 types of issues with single-click resolution, including workstations, laptops, apps, printers, antivirus, and startup issues.

Productivity Boosted and Costs Reduced

Once CompuCom reached success with app adoption, the company immediately saw productivity gains and operating cost reductions. The automation and self-service features of the Mobile Service Desk App mean much lower wait times for problem resolution – meaning employees see less downtime. The automated problem solving also significantly reduced the Service Desk workload, allowing CompuCom to redistribute 50 percent of those positions.

User Satisfaction Went Up

Once CompuCom got over the initial adoption hurdle, it was clear that employees like being able to select the best method of support to meet their needs and enjoy the fast and seamless, anytime, anywhere experience.

Workers like the simplicity and efficiency of the interface and that they can quickly get back to important tasks.

Employees who prefer the DIY approach say the large knowledge base at their fingertips in the app is comprehensive and highly useful. Having a robust knowledge base is important for other companies thinking of using the product.

A Win-Win

Today's employees have much higher expectations for technology support than just a few years ago — workers who grew up using all sorts of technology demand other options besides making a phone call. The Mobile Service Desk App – which is also available to CompuCom clients who want it – helps meet those expectations while at the same time boosting productivity and lowering overall IT costs. Reach out today if you'd like to see a demonstration.

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