Enterprise Mobility Management & Device Sourcing: A Consultative Approach

April 06, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments

The Consultative Approach to Device Sourcing and Enterprise Mobility Management

Do you remember how painful it was the last time you bought a mobile device for yourself? You had to compare features, manufacturers, accessories, systems versions, prices and so forth. You probably wished that someone had done it for you – delivering you the new phone or tablet saying: “Job done. Enjoy.”

Now imagine rapidly sourcing 500 devices for various business units, each with specific needs and preferences. That might feel like assembling a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle while running a sprint.

How can you make sure the rates you negotiate are competitive? What are the business consequences of sourcing the wrong equipment?

You most likely feel that you could definitely use some help here. And what you need is a team of experts who understand that enterprise mobility management is not about the technology itself, but how it can solve a business problem. Here is how you can benefit from a single-source solution:

A Consultative Approach to Device Sourcing

Getting device sourcing right is easier once you have a clear vision of your business goals. Then, the business problem you need to solve is driving the technology choice. And a single-source solution provider can guide you through the process with useful pieces of advice:

  • This Device is Better Because…
    You do not want to source phones and tablets that are going to be off the market in six months. You may save initially with the purchase price. But this will quickly be offset on the day an implementation gets delayed because your employees can no longer order the devices as they are no longer in production.
  • Configuration is Going to Take Longer
    Some devices look perfect on paper – until you find out that it takes twice as long to configure. That is bad news when some business units cannot plan a deployment more than two weeks ahead, and now you have to wait for the devices to be set up? No thanks. Some manufacturers manage pre-configuration and could save you a lot of time.
  • Watch Your Telecom Expenses
    Some apps have hidden charges you probably were not aware of. They follow a “freemium” approach and become very expensive once you hit a certain number of active accounts or start using advanced functions – and you’ll be locked in by the time you notice.

Keep Calm and Manage Risks

You are on a tight schedule, and you must stick to it. That is why managing several suppliers on your own is like building a house of cards. Your project can fall apart if just one of them lets you down. In contrast, working with a single-source solution provider takes the uncertainty out of the equation and frees up your IT team to focus on other priorities. 

Single-source solution providers know the industry well and have relationships with all of the major manufacturers. That means they can quickly come up with a contingency plan, if required. They are also able to support you throughout the mobile device management process during and after each implementation. Job done. Enjoy!

Learn more about the advantage of working with a one-stop expert and how to avoid the traps of device selection. Feel free to leave a comment and share your insights below.

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