The Demand for a Flexible Enterprise Mobility Suite

September 27, 2016 | Post by Tim McCulley | 0 Comments
Flexible Enterprise Mobility Suite

You have probably heard of organizational inertia - executives become blinded by prior success and their acclaimed market leadership position, fail to react to new competitive threats, and slowly fall off the cliff.

However, this storyline might not be as accurate as it used to be. In fact, a survey conducted by Gartner shows that technology related change is ranked the second highest priority by business leaders for 2016.

One question remains for those companies willing to innovate: are there technological solutions that can proactively accommodate business change at a corporate and business unit level?

When we think about enterprise mobility, most direct carriers are only interested in offering long-term contracts that will likely lock you in for years to come. It does not need to be like that thanks to innovative client specific solutions for mobile access that includes data only plans and connected devices.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of different C-level executives and consider how an enterprise mobility suite with a flexible commitment can support business decisions, strengthen organizational agility, and boost employee productivity.

The CEO - “I need flexible solutions to execute the company’s strategy.

You recently became CEO with a big challenge ahead of you: putting the company back on track after three consecutive quarterly losses.

Building on twenty years of sales experience, your first big move will be to reshape the entire commercial department and significantly reduce the amount of administrative work carried by account managers such that they can focus back on revenue generating activities.

As part of this approach, the account management team will be off-site 60% of the time to meet customers and get a better sense of their needs. Mobile data consumption will increase drastically as a result, but you were not yet able to accurately estimate how much that might be.

When comparing different enterprise mobility solutions, one criterion you want to emphasize is flexibility. Indeed, the ability to have a flexible solution that offers lower or higher rate plans as the strategy develops can provide significant cost savings, along with no early termination fees for removing unneeded rate plans and no long term contracts.

The COO - “I need a solution that is easy to set-up and scalable.

Implementing the CEO’s vision will be challenging, and your job is to deploy the right solution in such a way that each account manager and other members of the staff get an optimized client or business unit specific mobile data plan.

You perceive upfront that there will be room for trial-and-error. In fact, there might be an additional thirty headcounts allocated to the account management team if the new selling approach works well, but some staff might be relocated to another division if it doesn’t.

The bottom line is that it will be hard for the company to commit to a long-term contract. The ideal enterprise mobility suite is one that can account for this uncertainty and offer scalability.

The CFO- “I am not willing to pay for what the organization does not use.

You liked the CEO’s agenda but got a bit concerned about how this would translate in numbers and mean for the company’s efficiency. After reading about cookie-cutter plans, you want to make sure that the organization does not pay for unused data.

You would strongly prefer an enterprise mobility suite with a flexible commitment to avoid early terminations fees, especially when bearing in mind the significant volatility associated with the new selling strategy and its potential returns.

The billing approach also matters. You would rather receive a bill that looks at aggregate data consumed rather than summing up individual plans and paying surcharges and overages for some account managers while others might be well below the data limit.

Business executives are ready to prevent organizational inertia but will only be able to do so with solutions that give them sufficient flexibility to execute their business strategy. That is the reason why an enterprise mobility suite with a flexible commitment and client specific mobile access solutions built to meet the business unit strategy can become your most valuable asset.

To find out about how CompuCom can support you to accommodate change in today’s turbulent economic environment, visit our mobile access solution page.

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