An Enterprise Mobility Suite with a 10-Day Deployment

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Mobility Access Solution

Business executives are usually interested to hear about the benefits of an enterprise mobility suite of solutions. What they need is a suite of solutions that offers flexibility and scalability during unpredictable deployments. They also seek to reduce annual mobile access expenses for smartphones and data-only devices, as well as gain responsive technical support and a holistic solution – from procurement and provisioning to disposal. 

They’re also interested to know how things work and how quickly a solution can be implemented for their company. 

Some of their questions include:

  • How long does it realistically take to deploy the solution?
  • Are bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives supported?
  • What kind of information is necessary to get started?
  • Who will provide service and support, and at what level?
  • How much can I save on my mobile access? 

Based on my experience, I will tell you it is possible to manage an enterprise mobility deployment in about ten business days.

During this period, solution providers work closely with clients to set up and implement a suitable program. 

The process consists of three phases – strategy/design, build and implementation. Let me explain in more detail with a short scenario to illustrate each phase.

Day 1-2 – Defining the Strategy and Solution Design

A client of ours wants to organize a three-day outdoor festival. This means we must get the technology prepared for virtually anything – rain, sun and wind. About 50 employees will work onsite, and each requires a smartphone and a tablet. Between 10-20,000 visitors are expected to this festival, weather permitting.

We need to understand how the devices will be used and how long they will be active during the event. Connectivity is going to be vital since no wireline network is available and festival staff will rely entirely on a mobile access solution. It is difficult to anticipate data usage since it all depends on how successful the event is going to be.  We must also work to understand the use case for the smartphone and the tablet, do they need to be OS specific to run certain Apps, do they need to be ruggedized?

Now that we know the client requirements, we would meet internally to define the technical strategy and design the solution to meet the client requirements.

Day 3-6 – Procurement and Configuration

Over the next few days, we would talk to device suppliers to source smartphones and tablets at a competitive cost, and create client-specific mobile access plans that meet the event requirements. We have the established original equipment manufacturer relationships, we are familiar with third-party policies and know where to push to speed things up when necessary. The process is hassle-free as far as the client is concerned.

Day 7-10 – Deploying and Testing

With only a few days left before the event begins, the deployment is on track. The devices are configured and delivered. What a relief knowing that you have a solution partner who can be on site and get your devices up and running without deploying your internal IT staff to the event.

We assign the client-specific mobile access rate plans we designed for the solution. We make sure all devices connect to the network and check that applications run smoothly. 

Before the event starts, we have a brief meeting with our client’s team to distribute the hardware and answer any question employees or subcontractors might have. We brief them on basic troubleshooting they can do themselves and advise that our technical support is available 24/7 should any problem occur. 

In this case, we were lucky – the forecast called for sunny weather. This also meant that we should be prepared for a busy festival with many visitors. For the team we were supporting, this meant data consumption would likely skyrocket.

Deploying enterprise mobile solutions quickly is possible when you work with the right enterprise mobile solution provider – ten business days from strategy to execution in three steps. Providers work with you to understand your requirements and define a customized mobility strategy. They manage device sourcing and application rollout, and plan activation on your behalf. And they offer a premium support throughout the deployment with employed technicians.

How fast has your organization deployed enterprise mobility solutions? Leave a comment about what worked well or didn’t go so well. 

The Mobile Access Solution – powered by AT&T can make enterprise mobility management as simple as paying your utility bill at the end of the month.

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