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November 17, 2016 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments
How Can Enterprise Mobile Solutions Support You After a Natural Disaster?

A client recently asked if enterprise mobility could handle something more extreme than just office employees working remotely. What came to mind is the deployment we managed for a large insurance company after a natural disaster.

After a massive flood, the insurance company urgently needed to send assessors on site to report damage, evaluate safety risks and plan for repairs and replacements.

This was a stressful situation for both the assessors carrying out the evaluations and policyholders who just found their homes, cars and other belongings severely damaged.

Responsiveness was critical here. People could not wait for their lives to get back to normal, and filing their insurance claims as soon as possible made them feel like they had some control over the situation.

The insurance company needed to deploy hundreds of assessors. They were equipped with devices, the right data plans and all corporate data access they needed to evaluate and process the claims in the field.

We acted as a single source solution provider with all the right tools and services so they could efficiently serve their customers. There were some particular components that made this deployment a success.

Mobile Access Without Contractual Lock-In

Could you imagine buying two-year data plans for each device issued to these insurance assessors? They’d only be in the field for a short time – maybe a few weeks. A contractual lock-in for data plans just isn’t flexible or practical in these types of situations.

The ideal scenario for this insurance company was a rate plan designed to meet the company’s business requirements. In this case, we never know when a disaster will strike, so a flexible data plan – you only pay for what you need when you need it, not what the carrier has to offer – was ideal.

A flexible solution avoids early termination fees, surcharges and contractual lock-in. No data is left on the table, and you can reduce your mobile expenses. That is ideal for unpredictable situations such as natural disasters.

Instant Deployment

Clients want a fast turnaround on claims from their insurance company when something bad happens to them. Someone must urgently deploy the right technology to help hundreds of assessors in the field.

In this situation, you’d want an integrated mobility model from your mobility partner. This means that the same provider can manage everything and work out on-the-fly changes. In-house technicians configure hardware and install applications. Ready devices are shipped to the insurance company’s branch offices directly.

Seamless Technical Support

Using mobile devices after a natural disaster can turn into a nightmare. Connectivity may be unstable. The environment may not be ideal for mobile devices or tablets. Top-quality help desk support and service-level agreements are more important than ever in these situations.

Think about it – in this situation, the person calling in for tech help will be an over-worked insurance assessor out in the field doing his or her best under stressful circumstances. You want to ensure the service technicians or help desk operator supports the call with a great attitude, is knowledgeable about the account and is ready to solve the problem.

Device Recovery and Decommissioning

Put yourself in the shoes of an insurance assessor. You are motivated to give peace of mind to all those affected families. You want to do your best to process as many claims per day as possible. You are in a rush between evaluations and realize that you lost your phone.

That is not a problem with an integrated mobility model. The solution provider can instantly remote-wipe the phone and remove access to all business emails and customer data. A technician can then prepare a new device and ship it to the assessor’s branch office, often within 24 hours.

Deployment Wrap Up

When the claims are filed and the assessors are finished in the field, this project is complete. Devices can be returned to the solution provider and the surge in data use is invoiced as only what was used. The insurance company doesn’t need to store, maintain or pay for hundreds of devices that will otherwise sit idle until the next disaster strikes. Instead, they call upon their solution provider for support.

Flexible enterprise mobile solutions are an ideal option for companies who handle extreme situations.

Read about the advantages of flexible enterprise mobile solutions for a company producing a large-scale entertainment event. Please leave your comments or questions below.

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