How to Build a More Efficient IT Infrastructure

3 steps for hyperconverge

Two-thirds of enterprises that participated in a Forrester Research study report that improving IT efficiency is a top business priority. In addition, 68 percent of IT managers in the same study state that cutting costs is critical. So how does an organization improve IT efficiency and reduce spending? 

This may seem like an impossible task. However, progressive IT strategies now make it possible for enterprises to align technology to support and propel business objectives — while keeping their budgets in check. We’ve broken down how in the steps that follow. 

1. Take inventory

Legacy systems, complex infrastructure, and layers and layers of inefficient IT make competing with modern enterprises futile at best. Start by reviewing your business goals. Is your infrastructure capable of effectively supporting your current objectives while propelling future business goals? 

2. Trim the fat

Chances are your infrastructure is more complex than it needs to be (is that server sprawl really necessary?). Assess your IT environment and eliminate outdated and ineffective solutions that drain enterprise productivity and increase operating costs.

3. Deploy an effective IT strategy

Adopt a modern infrastructure that leverages innovative technology, like hyperconvergence, to boost efficiency and reduce spending. Hyper converged systems do this by tightly integrating compute, storage, networking, and virtualization resources into a single appliance — essentially a data center in a box. These advanced systems work like building blocks, allowing your business to: 

  • Increase scalability
  • Gain high reliability
  • Deploy IT resources rapidly
  • Reduce TCO
  • Achieve IT agility

Support Growth with a Modern Architecture

While the steps above appear to be simple, we understand that overhauling your enterprise infrastructure is a daunting task. However, consider what’s at stake — productivity, revenue, and business longevity. Transitioning to an agile and cost-effective IT strategy, with help from an experienced partner, will enable your company to recoup valuable management time, cut IT operating costs, improve scalability, and achieve future business goals.

How have you improved IT efficiency in your organization? Share your stories with us in the comments section.

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