How Persona-based IT Unlocks Cost Savings in Financial Services

September 27, 2017 | Post by Tim Fisher | 0 Comments
How Persona-based IT Unlocks Cost Savings

With modest increases in IT budgets forecasted for this year - Gartner predicts a just over three percent rise in global technology spending. Businesses including financial services providers must squeeze as much value as possible out of every dollar allocated to IT. This can encourage organizations of all sizes to leverage new approaches to make sure their IT spend is used wisely. 

Enter persona-based IT, a strategy that can make a big difference when it comes to IT resource usage and overall cost savings. 

What is persona-based IT? 

Persona-based IT is an innovative way to better understand the needs of employee users while helping to guarantee that your organization has all the tools it needs to provide for and support these requirements. Personas help IT leaders and decision-makers group users according to shared characteristics, including each user’s level of responsibility, specific role within the business and the types of devices and applications to which the user has access. 

Persona-based IT allows you to have a more holistic understanding not only of current technology and device usage but also the types of solutions your business will need to support future needs as well. In the financial services industry, an approach like this can help ensure that the organization is keeping up with the latest technology trends without overspending on something that won’t provide the capabilities the institution and its customers require. 

How does persona-based IT help companies save? 

IT cost savings is a top priority in every industry, no matter a company’s size. And in the current environment where more financial services organizations are looking to get creative with their resource management, persona-based IT can help eliminate waste while keeping your users armed with the right IT tools and platforms anywhere and anytime. 

With in-depth knowledge about employees’ technology needs - access, applications and solutions they currently use to get the job done, decision-makers are in an ideal position to pack away unused or under-utilized assets, making room for something that better supports your company personas. In this way, business leaders can get rid of platforms that don’t deliver as much value, and reallocate resources in a way that best supports user needs:

  • Align mobile plans and data needs to personas and don’t overspend for data.
  • Applications are configured based on persona -relieving concerns about shadow IT.
  • Device lifecycles are managed appropriately and warranties maximized through Device as a Service models. 

The bottom line here is smarter IT spending supported by a detailed understanding of the technology assets your employees actually use, and your company requires. Why waste capital on devices or solutions that don’t offer the capabilities your workers need? Persona-based IT helps you avoid this stumbling block while putting the right systems and devices in the hands of your staff. This not only helps your financial service company save precious IT spend, but also allows you to make the most optimal choices about solutions that map to your users’ exact requirements.  

Persona Service Management supported by experts

Persona-based IT is an advanced way to support your business’s IT budget as well as your users’ needs, but it can be a difficult undertaking for companies to take on by themselves. For this reason, it can be invaluable to get the assistance and input of an expert. 

A Persona Service Management approach is an ideal way to put the most valuable systems and devices into the hands of your employees, based on the individual needs of each persona group. By tracking the most important user attributes, you can build out accurate persona groups, enabling your company to truly understand your needs. 

To learn more about the benefits of this approach and how to right-size your end-user personas, check out this paper

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