How to Solve for the Amazon Effect


The digital juggernaut has created a ripple effect of elevated expectations extending far beyond retail

Since its inception in 1994, Amazon has managed to have a fundamental impact on the way we live, work, and even interact with each other. It’s become one of the biggest business disruptors of the past several decades by driving a huge shift to online buying over brick-and-mortar retail through an unforeseen – and unrivaled –  model of competitive pricing, accessibility, reliability, and ridiculously fast delivery. Coined as the “Amazon effect,” the impact this juggernaut of a digital marketplace has had, and continues to have, on the traditional business model has irrevocably transformed consumer expectations and created a new competitive landscape that has quickly leached into other industries. 

Not satisfied with sticking to retail, Amazon has branched out into data centers, shipping, healthcare, and could be disrupting banking and insurance next. Who knows how far they’ll go in their quest for industry domination – something every business should start to contemplate. 

The Main Challenge Behind the Effect

End users in all markets now expect a frictionless and immediate buyer journey, regardless of the item or service they’re seeking. The need for seamless services has even spread to employees, who now expect the same efficiency and ease in their day-to-day tasks at work as they receive online. 

As a result, businesses must apply similar techniques to their own industries and modernize operations wherever they can to offer equivalent experiences and capabilities – and fast. 

Where to Start 

Successful structures sit on firm foundations and modern IT infrastructures are critical to everything, including data, security, and DevOps. The need to quickly adopt emerging technology to drive business metrics should be a top priority, yet organizations that wish to thrive and compete are realizing they’re not quite prepared. 

Legacy systems and outdated practices are causing poor user experiences, hindering opportunities for new revenue, and leading to lost customers and employees – both existing and new. And unfortunately, replacing these legacy applications and systems with those based on new and different technologies without disrupting regular operations poses a significant challenge.

For most organizations, technology and infrastructure deployment obstacles exist at every turn – from outdated devices, software, and servers to the need for businesses to open new locations on time and under budget. Nevermind the need to successfully deploy a smarter portfolio of networking products, applications, and services that are compatible with current systems essential to business functions.

Deployment Accelerated

The ultimate goal is to become a fully-optimized organization that leverages technology to improve service and deliver seamless user interactions – both internal and external – while managing costs, improving cash flow, and encouraging future development. The right technology partner is essential to lessen the burden and help see new initiatives through to completion. 

CompuCom delivers worry-free completion with deployment solutions designed to increase the speed, agility, and success rates of modernization efforts while aligning your IT projects with your business goals. We’re a one-stop-shop for all infrastructure deployment needs, giving organizations the ability to explore strategic initiatives like: 

Network Infrastructure Deployment

  • Keep up with ever-changing technology using a high-performance network infrastructure that utilizes VoIP/collaboration, Wireless Failover, Engineer, Furnish & Install (EF&I), and a focus on 5G to enhance the capabilities needed to meet the needs of your employees and your customers.

Windows 10 & Platform Migration

  • From strategy to management and deployment, we offer the expert guidance of 300-plus Microsoft Certified Systems engineers – along with our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner – to ensure a seamless, secure Windows 10 migration.

Onsite Rollouts and Remodels

  • From data and network solutions to store and office needs, we manage the setup, configuration, and distribution of all your operating environments. 
  • Our massive Advanced Configuration Center lets us stage your complete data and network environment in advance for a smooth transition without unexpected hiccups. 

Endpoint Refresh

  • Harness the power to use modern, emerging technology with refresh and upgrade projects that help establish a secure, high-functioning endpoint environment that strengthens compatibility, supports operations, and fuels future growth.

It’s hard to argue against innovation, and even harder to argue against greater choice, efficiency, and functionality. Create your own “effect” with scalable, sustainable technology and solutions that result in more value, less risk, and transformational results.

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