How to Successfully Deploy an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Deploy an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

There is nothing quite as challenging as producing a large-scale event. Finding the best venue, sourcing food and uniforms, selecting speakers and managing attendees are only a few of the responsibilities that come to mind.

Being the organizer, you must combine careful planning with flawless execution – and information technology could either be your best ally or the principal cause of numerous headaches.

To help you maximize success, here are some of the key aspects to consider when evaluating an enterprise mobility management solution for a large-scale event.

Rapid and Scalable Deployments

If you have experience in event management, you know that lead times are often tight, with the budget and agenda only being agreed several weeks before the opening date.

Short-notice requirements may put a strain on your IT resources. Staff may not be sufficiently equipped to cope with large-scale deployments and quick event setup, never mind the need for decommissioning equipment after the event is over.

If you decide to select an external IT service provider to assist in this situation, be sure to choose a provider who has reliable, trained field service technicians to support your event. Ideally those technicians will be employed by the IT services provider, thereby ensuring a seamless level of support.

Adaptability for Contingency Plans

Needs will likely fluctuate during events. For instance, it may suddenly start raining despite all sunny weather forecasts; a keynote speaker might feel unwell and cancel his presentation last minute; attendance could be 30 percent higher than expected and require the setup of an additional five food booths.

That is the reason why your enterprise mobility management solution must give you room for immediate flexibility when faced with on-the-fly changes that need to be managed.  

All-in-One Solution

Technology failure is among the top reasons why events go awry. Just imagine how working with various IT providers can lead to interoperability issues, lack of coordination between teams, an extended and cumbersome deployment period and, ultimately, a waste of your valuable time as the organizer.

You need to make it easy on yourself and limit risk by considering an all-in-one solution. Typically called “the utility model,” the monthly fee for this service takes a holistic approach by combining devices, data plans, on-site installation/testing, decommissioning of equipment after the event, invoicing, and, most important, a managed services platform with a 24/7 friendly help desk just a phone call away.

Quality Technical Support

You can keep your fingers crossed and hope that everything will run smoothly, or choose the right enterprise mobility management solution. The right one would include highly trained support technicians at your service with certification from vendors such as Cisco, MobileIron, and Airwatch. A service provider who has employed badged technicians will bring you peace of mind throughout your event. External contractors might not be familiar with your solution provider’s processes, systems and products, and therefore may be incapable of solving problems within acceptable service-level agreement. Why take the risk?

Logistics After the Event

That’s a wrap! Everybody can go home after weeks of intense work knowing the event was a success. But what happens to the equipment? Your ideal solution provider should give you a hand and arrange for the return shipping, or even come to pick up devices during tear down.

Selecting the right enterprise mobility management solution can make the difference between a successful event and a poorly executed one. Key aspects to consider when selecting a provider include the speed of deployment, adaptability to contingencies, the thoroughness of the solution, professional support from employed badged and highly trained technicians, and wrapping up with post-event logistics.

We have worked closely with a leading professional services organization specializing in food, facilities and uniform services. What initially began as a pilot quickly transitioned into a long-term partnership that encompasses several events nationally every month.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question on how to best support an enterprise mobility management solution, including challenges that come with a mobile workforce. Make sure to attend our upcoming Enterprise Mobility Webinar to learn how to make the most of your carrier costs.

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Steve nice article, you make a couple of key points here, reducing complexity with the All-in-Once Solution reduces risk and saves time and money, we have proven that time and time again. And never underestimate the impact of the non-technical activities like logistics. They can make or break a completely flawless technical event!

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