How to Save Your Business Some Benjamins by Outsourcing Your IT Service Desk

June 08, 2017 | Post by Jennifer Gibson | 0 Comments

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Benjamins. Greenbacks. Clams. Moolah. Wherever or whomever you are, money plays a huge role in how you run your business. And whether it’s saving a few pennies on your morning cup of coffee, finding a good deal on company hardware or discovering a way to slash resourcing costs in your business, saving money is one of your biggest motivators to action.

What if outsourcing your IT to a service provider had numerous cost-saving benefits that could dramatically impact your resourcing budget? Here are just a few of the benefits your team can realize:

1. Eliminate the expenses involved with growing pains

You can save the extra time and money needed to train or recruit new members on your IT team by outsourcing to the right service provider. By doing so, you’re not only adding resources to your IT team without paying for the additional headcount – you’re also adding additional skillsets, experience and expertise that you may not already have.  Doing so will help you keep up with in-demand industry trends and attain agent certifications without the high and ongoing expense of doing so in-house. Do you need a higher first contact resolution (FCR) rate? Do you need to support users who do not speak English? Outsourcing your service desk can help you hit the ground running with those and other needs.

2. Provide lower-cost contact methods, 24 x 7

Answering all your customer queries via telephone is costly, time-consuming and inefficient. If your IT personnel are tied to the phone trying to walk your users through simple tickets like password resets or software updates, they aren’t free to multitask or to strategize and grow your business.

By outsourcing to the right service desk provider, both your team and your users can reap the benefits of having multiple contact methods – particularly 24/7 self-service options such as password reset and unlocks, and live chat. Leveraging multiple contact methods provides your users with immediate self-service options and enables your team to work on multiple tickets at once, while also getting to more pressing issues – which is far more cost and time-efficient than trying to do everything in-house with a smaller team.

3. Leverage a self-service knowledge base

As workforce demographics and working hours change, self-service options are becoming a requirement to satisfy employees who prefer to handle their own IT issues. Placing the power of resolving technical issues in the hands of your users, reduces the number of tickets, the time your users and team spend on routine tasks and the resulting costs of support. Empowering your users with an evergreen knowledge base - either from a mobile app or their desktop - provides them with a plethora of easy-to-consume, targeted solutions to their IT issues, right at their fingertips.

These are just a few of the ways you can cut costs and feel good about it, by outsourcing to a service desk provider.

Are you curious about how much money you can save? Take a look at our ROI calculator to determine how your business can save money while adding benefits to your organization.

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