The Impact of 24/7 Service and Support with your Enterprise Mobility Suite

October 17, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments

Service Support at Concert

For many companies, the ability to be flexible, agile and responsive is critical. 

Business requirements change suddenly, and the companies who thrive are the ones who are able to adapt and respond the fastest to business unit requirements and issues 24/7. 

This is equally true when thinking about your enterprise mobility suite. It’s not enough to simply take a “set it and forget it” approach when deploying new devices to end users. You need to have the right lifecycle service and support available and ready to deal with any request in real time.

The story of a large event planning company is the perfect example. It shows how enterprises benefit from working with a single source solution provider with 24/7 support. 

In this case, the company needed support before, during, and after the deployment of hundreds of smartphones and tablets. The company also needed their solution provider to respond to an emergency request for devices without any delays. Here’s how the event unfolded:

Rapid Deployment of Hundreds of Devices

The company needed a large number of end user devices for a major weekend concert. They needed to give staff connectivity before and during the event so that everything would be executed effectively. 

Like other cyclical businesses, locking into a two-year contract for all the devices didn’t make sense, and the company didn’t want to have to manage each device after every event was over. 

The event company needed help with the following:

  • Migrating their end-users away from their previous devices
  • Dealing directly with the carriers to manage the switching process of seamlessly transitioning end user phone numbers, emails, and other important data over to new devices
  • Finding Unlimited Talk & Text with flexible data plans so that the company only payed for what they used. Extra devices could therefore be decommissioned when not in use so the company was not wasting money 
  • Decommissioning the extra devices when the event was over

24/7 Assistance for Unexpected Requirements

Shortly after the devices were activated, the event organizer realized that there would be more people attending the upcoming festival than originally planned. 

As a result, they would need to do more set up and provide more staff on site. On the Tuesday evening prior to the weekend of the event, the company reached out to their enterprise mobility partner requesting additional devices to be ready and shipped to the event by Friday.
For many providers and in-house IT departments, this type of rapid redeployment request would be impossible. Often these support services are not available on evenings and weekends. Then you would have to navigate pre-recorded messages and complicated telephone trees just to speak to someone who was hopefully the right person. 

Usually, at this point, a ticket would be opened for someone else to respond to during business hours. This is not the type of responsiveness most businesses need, especially when the success of a project is at stake.

But with 24/7 live support provided by a trained mobility service and support technician, this type of request wasn’t a problem. The company was able to talk to a live, knowledgeable person within minutes to explain the situation. 

Work quickly began at the distribution center to get the devices activated, configured, and shipped directly to the site. The result? End users had the devices in their hands within 48 hours of the request. Once the event was over, the partner company handled the deactivation and stored the devices until required at the next event.

The Results – A Successful Event, Satisfied Customers

With the ability to rapidly respond to changing business requirements, the company’s event was able to go off without a hitch. By working with a reliable enterprise mobility partner, the company gained the peace of mind of knowing that if anything went wrong with their enterprise mobility suite before, during or after the event took place, they would be able to get assistance immediately. 

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