Mobile Device Explosion – The Importance of Selecting the Right Mobile Devices

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Mobile Device Explosion

With the explosion of mobile devices available today, it is vital for a company to select the proper mobile devices to grow their business.  

Let’s face it, people love their smartphones – whether it’s an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7. End users obviously have their preference for a specific operating system (OS). So where does this leave IT departments and business leaders in finding an efficient way to manage enterprise mobility?

Your IT staff wants to keep it simple and secure: one OS, a restricted list of smartphones and tablets, and no system version older than 12 months.

Business leaders understand that in order to grow their business, they must choose the right mobile devices for their company.  

Some companies give it a try on their own and place the burden on the IT department. This may not be the right decision, as the IT department may not understand:

  • Each business unit’s requirements
  • Needs for growing the business 
  • How to quickly figure out the pros and cons of each device/OS
  • The device availability across manufacturers and carriers
  • Anticipating what is coming tomorrow (both business and device-wise)

What a complex operation for a strained IT department! 

Not to mention, this is a to-do list for a team that does not have the relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and wireless carriers, and may lack the skills or experience needed to make sound business decisions for the whole enterprise.

The alternative is to work with a single-source solution provider and avoid the hassle of managing device selection on your own – thanks to an enterprise mobility suite tailored to the needs of your organization.  

A single-source solution provider should have relationships with OEMs to assist with mobile device selection and procurement. A direct relationship with the OEMs gives a single-source solution provider the ability to offer reduced hardware pricing.

Thinking Ahead with an Enterprise Mobility Suite

Mobile device selection is like setting the foundation of a building. You always need a mobility strategy for what’s coming next.  

A strong mobility strategy will help your company grow and ensure that your business units can take full advantage of the mobile devices the company has selected. The smartphones and tablets you select will strongly influence the direction of your company.

A single-source solution provider can help you consider the full picture and answer the important questions about your mobility strategy:

Simplicity – How much time would you save by reducing the range of supported tablets and smartphones in your organization? Would using a certain OS improve the collaboration between departments and, more important, with clients?

Scalability – How long does it take for your IT department to prepare additional devices and ship them onsite? Every five minutes per device required to set up 100 phones or tablets is equivalent to a working day for a member of your staff. With a single-source solution provider, your mobile devices can be kitted/configured, activated and ready to use upon delivery to the end user.

Sustainability – How long will your selection be supported by manufacturers and carriers? What is your back-up plan should a device no longer be available?

Scoring high on those three points will increase productivity and save you a lot of time and money. 

Setting and Implementing Your Device Selection Strategy

The central point of device selection is your users. Mobility enables them to become more efficient as individuals and teams. That’s why you need to understand their requirements and select hardware and software accordingly. A single-source solution provider and its team of experts can conduct an end-user survey and analyze results to assess needs and identify patterns across business units. 

This information is paramount, as it helps you understand how your end users and business units utilize their mobile devices. This will also help your IT department understand how the business and end users incorporate the use of their mobile devices on a daily basis. 

It also clarifies where the IT department can assist business units and end users to be more efficient with workflows, and improves the relationship between IT and the business. 

A single-source solution provider can support you in defining and implementing an 80/20 rule tailored to your needs – focusing efforts on the technology needed by 80 percent of your users and preparing a migration plan for the remaining 20 percent. 

This enables every business unit to work directly with the enterprise mobility suite for all implementations – speeding up execution and reducing the dependence on your IT and finance staff who can now focus on strategic initiatives to power your business forward instead of being stuck choosing devices for your sales team.

Device selection is the cornerstone of your mobility strategy. The range of devices, applications and operating systems you decide to work with will directly influence the growth of your business and ensure that your employees can take full advantage of the mobile devices the company has selected. That’s why organizations must get the right technology to empower users to do their job efficiently while better managing telecommunication expenses.

Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts on creating an effective enterprise mobility strategy. The right enterprise mobility partner can help you pre-select the right software and hardware and implement the processes to simplify and speed up device selection for your business units. Read about the MDM process from strategy to execution for more information.

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