The Importance of Updating your IT Lifecycle Now


The writing's on the wall across most enterprise IT departments. The way to manage the endpoints employees have and use needs to become easier, more effective, safer, more varied and less draining on resources, time and costs.

Exacerbating these issues are the legacy systems, old processes, outdated endpoints and security risks, all adding to a drain on IT resources, innovation and a drag on an employee's ability to work when, how and where they need to.


Offering the latest devices to your workforce is a key element in driving innovation. With faster upgrades and device refresh cycles, employees can spend more time focusing on solving challenges and developing the next big idea, and less time troubleshooting tech issues and logging IT tickets.

According to Ed Lazowska, Bill and Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, “Technology is crucial for innovation — and innovation in technology is critical to innovation in just about every other arena. Why? Because it’s the forward march of technology that allows us to do more with less, improving our lives in the process.”

Productivity & Talent

“Productivity losses stemming from outdated technology can be staggering.” This concise point from a recent CIO Dive article on productivity and employee retention in the workplace illustrates the vital role new technology and modern endpoints play within the workforce. One key metric cited from a separate study in the article states that 45-percent of surveyed respondents complained that outdated technology kept them from “being productive.”

It’s clear from this, and other research, that the right technology plays a major role in not only innovation and productivity, but also in finding and retaining top talent.


Verizon’s yearly Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is very clear concerning the need for companies to proactively address cybersecurity risks. Almost 73-percent of cyberattacks in 2017 were perpetrated by outsiders with members of organized criminal groups behind half of all breaches. And the vast majority of breaches were financially motivated with only a mere 23 percent of breaches taking less than months or longer to discover.

These stats underscore the importance of keeping all endpoints properly updated and the IT management of all assets meticulously monitored and maintained. This study also echo’s the delicate position IT leaders find themselves in when looking to offer the latest endpoints to their workforce – in an effort to instill innovation, productivity and retention – while mitigating the security risks associated with the mix of new and old technologies.

Solve These Issues Today

Device as a Service (DaaS) creates a tailor-made device procurement solution for your company and workforce that manages the entire device lifecycle process for companies – removing these burdens from IT departments while driving innovation, productivity, retention and security.

What makes DaaS stand apart from traditional leasing and procurement programs is the fact that the entire process – from procurement to disposal – is crafted to meet the needs of your organization. DaaS is not a generic approach to a device lifecycle management and takes into consideration the needs of various personas – generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals and behavior patterns among associates – within your company.

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