IT Asset Disposition

Increasing Value in Your Technology Asset Disposition

March 01, 2018 | Post by Jennifer Brooks | 0 Comments

Many companies these days leverage peers’ networks to complete tasks. Someone in the company knows someone who knows someone who does IT asset disposal. But is working with multiple companies for the full asset lifecycle really the safest or most efficient way to handle end-of-life assets?

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Is Your IT Disposal Putting Your Company's Reputation at Risk

February 01, 2018 | Post by Jennifer Brooks | 0 Comments

Properly recycling or disposing of your unused or outdated electronic equipment does come with a nominal cost, but simply throwing old IT devices in the garbage to avoid paying that fee can come at an even bigger price including damage to your company’s brand.

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What is IT Asset Disposition?

August 29, 2017 | Post by Joseph Geletei | 0 Comments

Replacing and remarketing outdated IT equipment isn’t as simple as plugging in the new technology and putting the old hardware on Craigslist. There are many considerations, such as confidential device data, environmental hazards, and logistics that all require a well-planned strategy.

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Maximize Cost Savings in Your IT Asset Disposition Strategy

July 20, 2017 | Post by Joseph Geletei | 2 Comments

Establishing a plan to responsibly retire your old IT assets is important from a compliance, environment and cost perspective. However, there are some key considerations that need to be addressed. How do you choose your provider? What is the best way to prepare for pickup? How will you ensure the data on your hardware is properly disposed of?

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4 Tips for Asset Disposition in Financial Services

May 25, 2017 | Post by Jeff Hickey | 0 Comments

From bank floors to boardrooms to the trading bullpens of Wall Street, technology is one of the key drivers of financial services. But what happens when that technology reaches the end of the line?

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Planning for Asset Disposal when Closing a Store

May 17, 2017 | Post by Joseph Geletei | 0 Comments

Customer expectations are shifting as more choose to shop online to meet their retail needs. In fact, retail store closings as of April 2017 have already surpassed the 2008 historical high.

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Best Practices for Healthcare IT Asset Disposition

May 03, 2017 | Post by Jennifer Brooks | 0 Comments

Just like every other business, education center or government office, hospitals and healthcare organizations need hardware refreshes. And just like every other industry, disposing of used and outdated IT assets is a multistep process that requires careful consideration and proactive planning.


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You Deserve Transparency! Ensure Your E-waste is Properly Handled

April 25, 2017 | Post by Joseph Geletei | 0 Comments

When all goes right, electronic waste doesn’t pose a significant threat to the environment. Used mobile phones, servers, printers and more are responsibly recycled for parts or resold for further use. Hazardous materials are disposed of carefully, sensibly. 

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The Hazmat Center in Your Workplace: Your IT Asset Disposition

April 19, 2017 | Post by Joseph Geletei | 0 Comments

When end-of-life technology is improperly disposed of, materials that contaminate soil and water supplies can leak and wreak havoc on the environment.


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3 Steps for Responsibly Retiring Mobile Devices

April 05, 2017 | Post by Joseph Geletei | 3 Comments

You have some decisions to make about your employees’ retired mobile devices. You can’t just power them down and toss them in the trash. You must ensure that the devices are properly recycled or disposed of so that your company isn’t contributing to the global e-waste problem.

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