IT Asset Management and Device as a Service are a Winning Combination


Drive business innovation, control costs, and mitigate the risks with Device as a Service

According to Gartner, “two-thirds of CEOs expect their companies to significantly change their business models in response to digital technologies.” However, while many organizations have fully embraced digital transformation, their progress has often been slow, lacked focus, and sometimes has fallen short of profit growth expectations.

Gartner also adds that “An enterprise’s digital ambitions reflect a mix of optimization and transformation.” This makes it imperative that your initial steps toward success as a digital business be built upon achievable wins that pave the way to your overall ambitions.

Digital transformation and business process optimization are the foundation of many “as-a-Service (XaaS)” offerings. Well executed “XaaS” initiatives limit overall risk, reduce business exposure, and lower the capital investment traditionally associated with technology expenditures. This is especially true with effective Device as a Service (DaaS) platforms that focus on IT asset management across the entire device lifecycle.

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) has never been more important for the modern enterprise. From phones and tablets to desktops and laptops, the sheer volume of deployed and undeployed devices can number in the thousands — or more. Effective management includes monitoring asset locations, assignments, configurations, allocations, and disposition status.

It’s expected and hopefully supported by documented procedures, that the responsible IT team logs their assets upon procurement and prior to deployment. They often use a master spreadsheet, database, or specialized software for tracking. In the case of specialized software, the cost models are typically at a per device, or yearly, rate with add-ons and requirements for specific pricing tiers. Of course, these rates are in addition to the initial cost of each device.

Given that internal asset management processes are not always perfect, and people make mistakes, some assets may not get logged into the system properly. Even with specialized software, determining overall asset inventory for periodical hardware audits can become a costly and inefficient endeavor for the responsible IT team.

Add to this that the typical procurement through disposition process involves multiple stakeholders and process flows throughout different business units and you can see how compliance, financial, and security inefficiencies can occur. Device as a Service with asset lifecycle management mitigates these inefficiencies in order to augment your team’s existing capabilities while allowing them to focus on their core competencies and business growth.

CompuCom's Device as a Service Difference

Rare among the field of managed service providers is CompuCom’s DaaS offering. Our DaaS utilizes a cost per device vendor agnostic approach, allowing you to procure the devices you want, regardless of manufacturer. CompuCom administers all of the DaaS functionality, providing you the benefits of:

  • Compliance and audit reporting
  • Track and locate inventory management
  • Improved compliance and data security
  • Configuration and warranty management
  • Single point of contact support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Replenishment management
  • ITAM and ITAD integration through end-to-end lifecycle management
  • Upfront hardware costs and improved cash flow
  • Eco-friendly disposition of assets
  • Safe tracking of devices with a detailed chain of custody
  • A streamlined single source procurement process

Additionally, ITAM is built into our DaaS cost per device service model and is not billed as a separate service, like competing software-only ITAM solutions. This holistic approach to DaaS takes the deployment and disposition of assets to a whole new level, resulting in improved operational efficiencies across business, IT, and finance.

CompuCom DaaS has the ability to drive business innovation, control costs, and mitigate the risks associated with security and compliance. As you move forward, optimization and transformation will drive your digital ambitions. Implementing DaaS with ITAM, as a core part of your sourcing and procurement strategy, can provide the critical initial step toward your success as a digital business.

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