Keeping Device Selection Under Control with an Enterprise Mobility Suite

Mobile Device Selection

Are you curious to know what CTOs think of device selection? Here are their top three answers:

  1. “That’s a tricky business decision in today’s complex environment.” 
  2. “Overall, very confusing as there are so many alternatives to choose from in each category – smartphones, tablets – and each vendor is launching new products throughout the year and leapfrogging each other.
  3. “The days when you could just look at hardware are long gone. Organizations now have to step back and understand the entire ecosystem – will our internally developed apps work on all devices?” 

And in the back of their mind, they’re thinking: “Do we have a corporate mobile device policy that includes governance around provided devices?”

Picking the right technology is not a routine exercise. If you go at it alone, your team must navigate through the catalogs of many device manufacturers. They also need to consider operating systems (OSs) and their multiple versions. And let’s not forget about the applications your company uses – will they all work on your selected devices? 

There comes the dilemma: Is this something you want to do solo? Do you want to take your IT team members off their already full workload to research multiple devices for your enterprise needs? Or would you prefer to have an expert partner by your side to do this for you? Let’s explore the ins and outs of that choice:

Why Selecting the Right Devices is Difficult

You want to provide business units with the tools that enable them to improve customer satisfaction and achieve efficiencies for your company. 

So why not keep the options as open as possible to meet everybody’s demands? Going with too few devices would frustrate your end users. At the same time, you know that supporting a three-year-old OS does not add any value. Yet you are unsure where to draw the line and do not want to get this wrong. Do you see how much time this process is already eating up?  

Managing security is another priority to bear in mind. How does each device stand up to your enterprise security protocols? At this point, when can your IT team get back to its “real job”? 

This is not your first rodeo, so you are also aware that devices can be very expensive. Do you have a holistic device lifecycle plan for smartphones, tablets and other connected devices?  How will you handle device re-assignment and device disposal? Does your IT team have the time to procure, provision, deploy and dispose of devices?  

If you feel like throwing in the towel and calling in the experts – that may be your best choice.

How an Expert Helps with Device Selection

How do you wrap your head around so much complexity? Do you speak to all the business units? Have them take a survey? How do you ensure that you know each vendor and each device well enough to make a large purchase for your entire enterprise? 

Let your IT team do what they do best – support your users. For device selection, you can ease this complexity by bringing in a single-source solution provider who already has:

  • Relationships with all the major device vendors nationally and internationally
  • Relationships with the carriers
  • Knowledge of all the latest devices and operating systems
  • The background to understand your business needs and recommend the best devices:
  • Does your company run proprietary apps?
  • Are there seasonal surges in data usage?
  • How are the devices used in the field?
  • The ability to order and deliver devices to several locations
  • The ability to build and apply client specific mobile access rate plans
  • The break, fix and disposition is handled for you
  • A device portal for your employees to self-order without burdening your IT dept. 

Selecting devices for the enterprise is not a simple exercise. There are so many alternatives available in the market, and it’s not easy to navigate all of the details. Help is available to enable you to choose the right technology for your company..

The right partner  can help you make sense of today’s complex enterprise mobility environment. Learn more about device selection and the many steps of the mobile device management process. Please leave a comment about your experiences or post a question.

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