The Key to Effective Device Management is Your Enterprise Mobility Suite

MAS Lifecycle

Lifecycle Services for mobile devices — like smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT and other connected devices —on the surface sounds pretty simple. But is it? 

Mobility lifecycle services includes many elements such as:

  1. Device selection
  2. Device sourcing
  3. Procurement
  4. Kitting and configuration
  5. Mobile access provisioning
  6. Deployment
  7. Service and support
  8. Device disposition.

Lifecycle Services is a key component of your company’s mobility strategy.  Imagine running an enterprise mobility program with thousands of users without those eight elements in place. Chaos, right?

With that said it is vital to get enterprise mobility lifecycle services right for your company, and to do that you need to understand the answers to some key questions.

Here are seven smart questions to get you started:

  1. How are the devices going to be used? 
  2. What are the necessary applications that need to be installed on each device?  
  3. Will the required application(s) run on the IT-supported operating system (OS)?
  4. How much data will employees consume and which rate plan will we assign them?
  5. Will there be short-term deployment requests? 
  6. Will there be other deployment requests from this business unit or others in the near future?
  7. Does our IT department have the internal resources to support these requirements?

This list is just to get you started. Unfortunately, seven isn’t the magic number in this scenario. Things get challenging for IT departments when several business units have unique requirements. 

Getting some help from a single source solution provider with an enterprise mobility suite may be the right choice to support your company with device lifecycle services.

The following scenario illustrates some of the benefits you can count on when an experienced solution provider handles device lifecycle services for your enterprise. 

Easy with a single source solution provider

Imagine that you are the IT Director for a large fuel company that delivers fuel to multiple convenient stores across the United States. You are seeking a way to have ruggedized tablets placed in hundreds of fuel trucks in order to increase your delivery efficiencies.  

A typical scenario is that the truck pulls into the store parking lot, the driver gets out to find the store manager for sign off on the delivery. Once the sign-off occurs, the driver can deploy the fuel. Even if all goes well, this scenario can take up to 15 minutes.

With ruggedized tablet in every fuel truck, the driver can pull into the parking lot and obtain electronic sign off in seconds. This will save up to 15 minutes per delivery.

In order to make this a reality, your IT department has some challenging aspects and issues to overcome:

  • Can your current OEM source and procure the ruggedized tablet including the required OS?
  • Do you have relationships with current OEM’s to source and procure the additional components and accessories required to mount the hardware in the fuel trucks?
  • Does your IT manager have the staff to kit and configure hundreds of devices and download the required applications?
    • If the answer is no to the above question, which budget will cover the expenses that will be incurred by sending a team on-site to provide kitting, configuration and installation?
  • Will your current mobile carrier provide flexible rate plans as the data usage for these devices is yet unknown but will probably vary greatly?
  • If the devices need to be secured and managed via an MDM Client, do you have the in-house resources and expertise to fulfill this requirement?

If looking at this list almost makes you want to cancel this time saving idea, you are not alone! And you are starting to understand how valuable device lifecycle services can be to your IT deployment success.

Next steps

A proven single source solution provider with a holistic approach to device lifecycle services can source, procure, kit, configure, install, wireless provisioning, deployment and provide 24/7 service /support remote and on-site, including device disposition.  As in this scenario, the IT department and company can feel confident that the technology is being taken care of by certified experts and allows your team to get on with their business.

With an increased focus on corporate digitalization, the focus to develop a holistic approach to mobile strategies, solutions, services and support is vital for corporations as they seek to grow and expand their corporate brand.  What are some of the differentiators a single source solution provider can bring to the table?

  • Flexible comprehensive solutions to meet specific business unit requirements
  • Scalable solutions that meet company and business unit requirements
    • Leverage the components of this purpose built solution across other business units quickly and timely
  • Certified on-site and remote resources to service and support the explosion of mobile devices streamlining IT’s service and support for mobile devices
  • Pre-existing relationships with numerous OEM’s for software and hardware
  • Flexible packaging for mobile access services including smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT and connected devices

Overall, an enterprise mobility suite becomes an essential asset to tackle the challenges faced by companies requiring device lifecycle services. An end-to-end solution that benefits the company and the end users.

Learn about the benefits of how a mobility solution can ensure success during a large-scale entertainment event deployment. 

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