Managed Workplace Services Provides the Tech Employees Demand

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Tech diversity means it’s time to outsource the “busy work” done by IT teams.

Once upon a time, employees came to work, signed in on their company-provided Windows desktop computer, worked their shift, and then signed off and went home. IT departments just managed one device per employee, on one internal network, and those devices had almost identical configurations - making it a relatively simple task.

All that was before the explosion of personal devices that consumers now enjoy. From laptops to smart phones and tablets, people stay connected 24-7 from anywhere, and expect to have the same level of technology at work. Not only that, if they favor a specific brand or operating system in their personal life, they want that at work too.

The new reality

IDG calls them the “Omni-User” - a new breed of employee raised in the “all digital” world where the tech at home often outpaces the tech at work. This user demands to have reliable access to their applications and content anywhere, anytime, and on any device with a consistent personalized and adaptable user-experience.1

In a recent study, Gartner found that 64 percent of workers are completely satisfied with the devices and applications they use for personal purposes, but only 44 percent have the same level of satisfaction with the devices and applications they’re given for work.2

And it’s not just devices. Gartner says workers also expect the same level of support they get in their personal lives with responses that are tailored and responsive to their needs.3

Managed Workplace Services Keep You Ahead of the Game

IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), 4G, WIFI, Microsoft Office, Google Docs - IT teams are now expected to have a nearly impossible range of expertise to keep up with employee demand - not to mention staying on top of all the security issues that come with so many different platforms and networks.

IT teams are struggling to keep up, and the level of day-to-day support is often keeping them from focusing on broader and more strategic initiatives to drive improved productivity - all while average IT budgets are decreasing.

That’s where outsourcing “keep-the-lights-on” tasks to a Managed Workplace Services (MWS) provider can save money, give a better level of support, free up your IT team, and boost employee satisfaction.

You don’t need to hire IT workers who are experts on every device employees want to use - or juggle all the vendors you’d need to get them those devices - when a single Managed Service Provider (MSP) can handle all that for you at a lower cost than doing it all internally.

Be on the cutting edge for less

Just like you’re in a competitive business, so are MSPs. That means they have to have the latest technology, expert knowledge, and a track record of success to market themselves. Businesses that outsource IT through an MSP can leverage that to adopt new technology like self-healing automation and the new possibilities coming with artificial intelligence faster without having to put up the research and development costs themselves.

“By 2020, 40% of midsize enterprises in mature markets, lacking budget or capabilities to invest in automation, will move to Level 1 outsourced service desk solutions,” says Gartner.2

Flexibility around end-user devices and apps boosts productivity and employee satisfaction. Outsourcing through a Managed Services Provider is an effective way to get the tech your workers demand - at a price you can afford - all while reducing the load on your IT team.

Learn about CompuCom’s wide range of Managed Workplace Services and how they can be incorporated into your business.


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