Managing the Cost and Complexity of Business Wireless


How mobile rate plan analysis and internal contract management will save you money on your business wireless plan

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven business environment, mobile device usage is “essentially mandatory.” As a result, controlling the rising costs and complexities of business wireless has become, and will continue to be, a major concern for the enterprise.

More Than Mobility

Business wireless is more than mobility, it’s about availability and effectiveness. Phones and other mobile devices have become such an indispensable part of business that a recent survey concluded that:

  • 61 percent of organizations expect employees to be available remotely, even if they don’t provide employees with a company phone
  • 80 percent say employees cannot do their jobs effectively without a mobile phone
  • 75 percent say mobile devices are essential to workflows

Mobile technology has allowed us to break free of office constraints and broaden the scope of our business models, but now we have a hard time getting work done without it. As mobility has become a business requirement it’s also grown in complexity.

Managing Complexity

Business is mobile. But what works for one end user or business unit may not work for another. Navigating mobility’s competing priorities, business unit goals, end-user expectations, and budget constraints only adds to the complexity. Mixed in with these parameters are the basic considerations of enterprise mobility and wireless management:

  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile device security
  • Considerations for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) vs. Employer-Provided Devices (EPD)
  • Support costs and stipends

And that’s just a start, every organization is different and each has its own unique set of circumstances or regulatory compliance issues to deal with. With so much riding on the outcome of these decisions, and after taking all the mitigating factors into account, the actual cost of the device and mobile plan is often the last consideration, or at least not a top priority.

This is when engaging the services of a single source solution provider to help you manage your business mobile and wireless may be necessary. A provider like CompuCom can help reduce the complexities of internal contract management as well as handle device sourcing, procurement, provisioning, and disposition.

What’s the Plan?

Businesses can’t afford a cookie-cutter consumer approach when deciding on a wireless plan. If you think your home wireless bill is complex, then you can begin to understand the enormity of managing enterprise business wireless. Mobile carrier contracts aren’t simple, especially when almost everybody in an organization relies on a mobile wireless plan to get their job done.

In fact, carrier contracts are continually changing, with most incentivizing overall spend and devices deployed rather than efficient management of data, minutes, and device lifecycle services. This results in organizations paying for data and minutes that are not being used.

No one wants to pay for something they don’t have to or for something they’re not using. Where business mobility and wireless drastically differ from consumer plans is in the ability to customize a tailor-fit solution based on usage data and metrics.

Managing Cost with Rate Plan Analysis

While cost, vendor management, and paying the bill is associated with procurement and finance, the day to day of device management usually lands in IT. This is where we often find a disconnect and where differing priorities and miscommunication lead to inefficiencies and cost overruns. What CompuCom provides is transparency across the board so that you can make better use of the resources that you are already paying for, by providing wireless and data plan management and device lifecycle management.

Mobile rate plan analysis helps creates a rate plan that is specific to your business. By using persona-based modeling CompuCom takes advantage of user metrics and data, discovering how each user differs when it comes to data consumption and creates flexible and scalable wireless plans to meet end user and business unit requirements. This allows you to pay for the data and minutes you use, no more and no less, so you can meet your business needs anytime and anywhere.

In the Palm of Your Hand

Managing the cost and complexity of business wireless and mobility has never been more important. But while there’s never been a “magic bullet” answer to how businesses can increase efficiency and drive down costs simultaneously, in business wireless, CompuCom has a proven record of delivering measurable results, saving our clients anywhere from 30 to 35 percent.

In an environment where sooner or later everyone is asked to “do more with less,” and given the speed and complexity with which technology is advancing, it’s never been more important to understand the user data and metrics associated with mobility’s usage, costs, and deployment. And the first place to look for cost savings may be right in the palm of your hand.

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