Out-of-the-Box Deployment – A Smarter Way to Roll Out Your Enterprise Mobility Suite

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Kitting and Configuration

Driven by their experiences with personal devices and apps, employees have increasingly high expectations when it comes to enterprise mobility. 

As an IT executive, the need to give employees the tools required to get their jobs done must be balanced with the enterprise’s requirements for security and device management. Complicating things further are the different ownership models, such as bring your own device (BYOD), corporate owned, or shared, and the various corporate policies and permissions that need to be enforced. 

It’s no wonder then that IT departments can feel anxious when rolling out new devices to their employees. Once the right devices are chosen, they need to be procured, inventoried, kitted, configured, activated and shipped out to various locations. For large enterprises, this can sometimes mean handling thousands of devices, a seemingly insurmountable task. Fortunately, the right partner can help you make sense of your entire enterprise mobility suite and enable your IT department to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Kitting and Configuring Thousands of Devices to Work Out of the Box

When rolling out new devices there is a lot that needs to be considered. Employees need to be able to connect to the corporate network, access their email and files, sync their calendars, and use the apps they need to do their jobs. New devices need to be secured to mitigate the risk of data loss, and permissions need to be set up to control access. Resource-challenged IT departments often have to do all of this under tight schedules and budgets.

This configuration process can be tricky, especially if you’re not very tech savvy. Having employees attempt to do this themselves can cause a lot of problems for enterprises. Not only will there be a drop in productivity while employees set everything up, but also there will likely be a surge of phone calls flooding your service desk as employees grow frustrated. 

And if it is difficult to configure and enable the device, end users will forgo using the company-provided devices and find ways to circumvent corporate access to files and email. They may not do everything required to secure the device, or turn to shadow IT and unsanctioned apps they already know how to use without understanding the security implications of doing so. That’s a big security risk that has the potential to open your company up to a lot of vulnerabilities.

That’s why the kitting and configuration of devices to work out of the box is so important. However, many enterprises lack the in-house IT resources or expertise to configure thousands of devices one at a time, or to handle an unexpected or temporary deployment. And even if it is possible, it’s certainly not the best use of your team’s time. Surely, there must be a better way.

Reduce the Burden with an Enterprise Mobility Suite

Instead of trying to handle everything in-house, enterprises can turn to an enterprise mobility expert to help with a successful rollout. These partners have the ability to set up multiple devices at once, making enterprise deployments far more efficient and considerably speeding up the process. Once devices are set up and secured, they can be stored, staged, and shipped out to the correct locations. This reduces costs by limiting shipping expenses and the number of internal employees required to get the devices ready.

Even with the configuration done ahead of time, service calls are unavoidable once the devices are in employees’ hands. Since the partner has complete visibility of the devices, mobile plans, and company policies, they can help employees with an entire range of issues, from simple questions to repair or replace requests, and safely dispose of old hardware to protect corporate data. By partnering with an expert, you gain a single point-of-contact for the entire rollout process to be completed quickly and effectively.

Simplify your Enterprise Mobility Rollout

The initial setup and rollout of new devices is a huge component of the total cost of ownership for enterprises. Whether you’re deploying thousands of devices across the organization or have a sudden short-term need, getting up and running quickly is an important part of any successful initiative. 

But if the thought of purchasing, kitting, configuring and delivering thousands of devices has you feeling overwhelmed, you can turn to an enterprise mobility expert with the experience and scale need to handle any situation. Your IT department needs to focus on the truly strategic initiatives – not installing apps on a phone. 

Find out how to wrestle those mobile data charges under control so you’re only paying for what your employees use. How about a no-contract enterprise mobility suite? Learn more, and feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below.

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