Power to the Users

January 19, 2016 | Post by Tom Vetterani | 0 Comments
Power to the Users

Many technology shifts that have occurred over the past decade.  Perhaps none as significant as the shift in power base from IT to the end-user. This began in 2008 when the economy took a nose dive, and has progressively moved the decision-making to the business units and users. Granted, IT is still at the table to validate technology, but the decisions to buy are being made in the business units.

As people on the front line have come to expect more of technology, the relationship between IT and business users has also shifted. If there’s a problem to solve, you can buy solutions directly from outside providers. What started with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is already evolving into Bring Your Own Software (BYOS). However, as the IT function wants to check the security and quality of any new node on their network, they can easily be written off as enemies of progress. If IT always says NO, the landscape is likely to become increasingly lawless and chaotic.

To mitigate this, the CIO needs to play a proactive role in reaching the full potential of technology to transform the capability of the business. The threats and the risks associated with security, compliance and access haven’t gone away, but the true visionaries have changed their position from risk avoidance to risk management. With that shift, it is possible to create a workforce that is hugely more efficient – and capable of providing an enhanced experience to both customers and employees.

The CIO of this new world order will run IT functions like businesses, embracing consumerization and driving value throughout the organization. This CIO is a change agent and has the insight and overview to create a new landscape that combines high-speed, agile innovation with secure, robust and scalable infrastructure. Instead of fighting with their peers in business, they are setting the agenda for digital evolution and managing the various components, assets and relationships that make it all happen.

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