Keep Your Competitive Edge with a Service Desk Provider Who Knows Retail

June 19, 2017 | Post by Tom Alvey | 0 Comments

SmartDesk in Retail

Staying ahead of the competition is an absolute must, especially in retail. With brick-and-mortar shops downtrending and online stores uptrending, finding a way to differentiate your business is imperative.

Whether it’s through mobile point-of-sale (POS), seamless and secure online checkout methods, top-of-the-line electronic cash registers, back-office programs, warehouse picking or other technologies, making sure your systems are running properly is an essential part of retail success.

To ensure seamless IT service interactions, many retail businesses rely a great deal on their service desk to keep them running smoothly.

If you’re considering outsourcing your service desk operations, here are ways to facilitate your success:

  • Choose a service desk that works with the latest technologies: Part of maintaining your competitive edge is by impressing your client base. Regardless of who your customer is, chances are you will look good by partnering with a service desk provider that has interacted with a variety of trending technologies — such as queue-busting mobile POS devices, chip-reading sleds, an ability to send emailed receipts...the list is ever-changing. Make sure your service desk provider supports the technologies you need to keep your business up-to-date, or better yet, ahead of the competition.
  • Look for a provider with experience in retail: Not much is worse than relying on a support team that doesn’t understand your business — consider the impact their lack of understanding could have on your operations! Successful retailers demand expedient, predictive and cost-efficient support to better serve customers’ high expectations. Choose a provider with deep experience in the multiple facets of your business’s needs — from understanding your customers’ expectations and delivering more than they expect, to quickly helping your home office associates with their IT needs whenever and wherever they need it and on any device, to your warehouse team’s various technical support needs.
  • Expect no less than 24/7 support: Whether you’ve got online customers shopping your site, employees in your distribution center working evening hours or management teams planning in the early hours of the day, the technology your business relies on needs to be up and running 24/7. It’s essential that you choose a service desk that delivers around-the-clock support. If your midnight online shopper gets an error page, or your evening warehouse workers ticketing machines drop offline or that early-bird manager can’t get logged into today’s inventory tracker – you need quick support that can remediate all of their issues quickly. 
  • Stay protected with a service desk that knows security: Whether it’s customer data, product information, inventory or other data essential to your business, security is a real concern. Security breaches are hard to recover from, and keeping your data secure should be at the forefront of what you look for in a partner, always. Fortunately, there are service desk providers with top-of-the-line certifications and expertise, plus access to the most innovative security technologies. Consider a service desk that can support all of your security policies and procedures, and knows advanced technologies as well.

Regardless of what part of the retail business you’re in, keeping your technology running smoothly is essential to maintaining your competitive edge and growing your business. 

Are you currently considering outsourcing to a service desk? Tell us about some of the things you demand in a service desk provider. Leave a comment below. 

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