Streamline and Simplify Your Technology Assets with Device as a Service

Knowing the best time to trade in your technology could save you thousands. Three years is the prime time to trade in your technology assets. By this stage in their lifecycle, these assets are now at the sweet spot to provide the most remarketing dollars back to your company. After three years, depreciation of your assets can cost about two to three percent per month.

The tough part is keeping track of when every asset in your company is ready to be removed from rotation, remarketed, and replaced. Device as a Service (DaaS) alleviates this burden by providing complete asset lifecycle management including IT asset disposition (ITAD).

Simplify Your Tech

Much like leasing a car, leasing or purchasing technology assets through the DaaS model removes the worry of “now what do I do with this?” once the asset has run its course. DaaS makes it easy to periodically refresh technology.

Using DaaS, the disposition of your assets is already included in your bundle. When your assets are ready to come out of their rotation, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how you are going to handle the disposal or the remarketing of the assets. It is already set up and handled for you. The only thing you have to do is get the equipment ready to be sent back.

Refresh Assets at the Right Time 

By working with one company that provides the entire utility model — from sourcing through disposition — you now have an asset that will keep track of your technology for you.

DaaS provides the exact records of when your company received all of its laptops, tablets, or cell phones, and recommends a refresh, or asset replacement, when these assets earn back the most money through remarketing, at approximately the three-year mark.

There are several options for earning back money on aging assets — based on the terms of your agreement — but some options could be to receive a check written out to your company, smaller payments through your DaaS provider, or reduced costs for your new, replacement technology.

Gives Advance Notice to ITAD Provider

Within the DaaS model, since your ITAD provider is also the company tracking when assets are coming up to their disposition date, this provides you advanced knowledge as to when those assets will be coming to the facility and how many assets will be available.

This provides you peace of mind as to when these assets will be ready for your end users. By being properly staffed to accept a large influx of devices, ITAD also effectively remarkets these devices as quickly as possible, which cuts down on the amount of time the assets have to depreciate in value. ITAD is only one small component of DaaS and offers a variety of benefits for any company looking to easily manage all of their devices — from the beginning to the end of their lifecycle.

Is Device as a Service right for your company? Contact us today for more information.

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