Three Questions to Ask When Moving to Outsourced IT Support

August 01, 2017 | Post by Matt Cormio | 0 Comments
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Outsourced IT support helps businesses to operate more efficiently and flexibly than ever before. 

So, if it is such an excellent solution, what keeps business owners and CIOs from signing up en masse? For most, it is the hurdle of potentially undergoing a messy transition.

Transitioning between two different IT structures can be a nerve-wracking time. The risks seem high, and stakeholders are never truly sure that the new process will work exactly as promised.

Choose Outsourced IT Support That Offers a Clear Transition Plan

When considering outsourcing your IT service desk management, look for a partner that can put your mind at ease during the onboarding process. Here are three telling questions to ask when considering your outsourced IT support partner:

1. Will you describe your onboarding and launch process?

Nobody likes an unclear implementation process. There is no need to wait several months to get your new IT support system working, especially if each team’s role, deliverables and steps are clearly explained. When that’s the case, the transition should go smoothly and proceed in a timely manner. Be sure to ask who will be leading the project, who will be doing the work, which deliverables are required from each team, and when, in order to stay on track. You’ll have confidence that your company’s technical needs will be taken care of and that the project will be managed with rigor and a professional approach. Also, don’t forget to ask how long the transition process will take, so that you can weigh that as a deciding factor.

2. How often will I be updated on the transition process?

Another way to be certain you’ve chosen the right partner is to know you’ll be kept informed of your transition schedule. Inquire how often you’ll be briefed on project status updates or milestones, how to explain the changes of procedures and systems to your team, and who to call if you’re not feeling things are working to your liking.  

During and after the transition period, are you left to figure out the new systems, processes and software on your own? Or, are you and your staff trained and walked-through everything you need to know to feel comfortable and productive about this new change? It must be the latter.

3. Who answers the calls for our 24/7 support?

The ideal scenario is that your 24/7 IT support acts as an extension of your IT staff, with competent service technicians who are up-to-date in their IT certifications and have been fully trained on your company’s inner IT workings.

Your IT partner shouldalso understand your unique needs so that they can exceed your expectations when handling your employees’ IT support needs.

Transitioning to outsourced IT support can be a big step for a growing company. Be sure to select a reliable partner.

Did we miss anything? Comment below with anything you might be looking for in a Service Desk or SmartDesk solution.

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