Three Reasons Businesses Need Self Healing Technology


Technology outages don’t happen at convenient times. Today’s modern workplace demands near-immediate response from its technology, including servers, routers, laptops, cash registers, printers, digital signage and IoT devices.

The last thing any end-user needs - whether they be a store owner, nurse, teller, lawyer or veterinarian - is to lose valuable time or business because of a technological breakdown.

Say a customer has picked out $150 worth of clothes to buy. They come to the register, hand the merchandise to the cashier and wait for the staff to ring up their purchase.

But when in-store technology fails, that can quickly lead to frantic calls to a service desk. The customer starts getting antsy to be held waiting. Other prospective shoppers in the line start checking their watch.

The difference between a sale and a fail depends on how quickly a remote technician can report to the store. And a simple $150 transaction could result in hundreds of dollars of lost revenue.

When any end user device fails, it has a significant impact on the bottom line, employee productivity and customer loyalty. An ITIC study found that a third of enterprises say hourly downtime costs their companies $1-5 million each year.

Self Healing Technology is much more than just a retail solution.

A lawyer’s office could be in danger of losing clients if they’re unable to recover from a network failure. A client in need will be more willing to try another agency if they feel they can’t get in touch with the office during any part of the process.

In the world of health care, fast solutions can save lives. No nursing assistant has time to troubleshoot their workstation computer in the middle of a medical emergency.

Organizations across the spectrum of industries need to better leverage technology automation to proactively prevent downtime. Self Healing Technology monitors device performance, detects, diagnoses and resolves issues without end user intervention, and preemptively handles scheduled maintenance to keep your technology up and running when you need it.

Monitoring agents are installed on each end-user device to make sure your technology is working for you, not against you. This not only reduces the time and cost of support, but also frees up employees to focus on what matters most – your business.

Here are just a few reasons why a proactive incident management situation like Self Healing Technology could be a game-changer for any business or organization:

1. It’s fast

On the first day of Self Healing Technology onboarding, the agent will begin to collect performance data to help define an automatic implementation roadmap to prioritize which automations should be released on a monthly basis.

Self Heal takes issue resolution from hours - or even days - down to minutes, saving significant time and money. When the system detects a loss of connectivity, it instantly diagnoses the problem and takes action to fix it by resetting and troubleshooting the network.

2. It’s effective

Are you most familiar with Windows, Linux, IoS, Android Mac or Chrome OS? Self Heal supports them all.

The world of finance and banking, like most sectors, is a variety of different technologies and siloed networks. Whether you’re dealing with a workstation, ATM, printer, digital signage, Internet of Things (IoT) or point-of-sale (POS) machine, Self Heal can help to resolve issues before they come to the attention of your employees.

3. It’s responsive

Reputable Self Heal providers perform a risk assessment of its vendors to evaluate their security posture and make sure that the vendors (and their products) comply with the provider’s security policy.

Data can be stored locally in the end-user device and sent to a server and saved there. If customers prefer, providers can offer to install the agent on premises.

Customer machine inventory details will be stored in the database and no user-sensitive data will be captured by the tool. That can allow for sensitive information - such as banking numbers or school records - to stay safe while providing tellers and teachers peace of mind.

It is critical to invest in the right technology, right tools and right service provider to ensure long-term equipment reliability.

How could Self Healing Technology boost your employees’ productivity? Comment below to share your story.

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