Two Ways Device as a Service (DaaS) Drives Security

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Maintaining an organization’s devices is a daunting task. Device procurement, configuration, and management often takes up an inordinate amount of technology resources. According to research by IDC®, about 22 percent of technology budgets are spent on devices and this spending is expected to increase.

With many companies offering a wider variety in device choices and even allowing users to bring their own devices, maintaining device security at an enterprise level becomes increasingly challenging for technology departments. Per IDC’s survey, respondents said ensuring a secure data and technology environment was the toughest obstacle in dealing with end-user devices. Supporting legacy devices without the latest security patches or without up-to-date corporate images may be opening the door to a range of security concerns.

Risks of Unprotected Technology

It’s crucial to ensure that every device in your environment is identifiable, trackable and updated regularly. Under traditional device lease and purchase models, it is up to your technology department to track assets company-wide and perform frequent security screenings and device refreshes. With devices from a multitude of OEMs running varying operating systems and applications, and no single source of information on device status, securing the enterprise against ransomware and malware attacks is an enormous challenge.

In the medical world, a heart monitor or MRI scanner infected with malware can risk a patient’s health. A workstation affected by a virus can result in the loss of critical health information. Financial institutions and retailers possess sensitive customer information and must comply with strict device and application security regulations in order to ensure data breaches do not compromise their clients’ accounts.

A Secure End-to-End Solution for Device Management

Leading businesses and technology teams are gravitating towards Device as a Service (DaaS) to help streamline device lifecycle management and defend against cybersecurity concerns.

DaaS resolves the concerns of standalone technology and siloed device environments by creating an end-to-end asset management solution. DaaS helps organizations gain insight into their device lifecycle status by managing security and refresh cycles more easily, while minimizing the burden on internal IT resources.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents in the IDC survey said they would likely focus more resources on ensuring greater security if they could significantly reduce their device deployment, management and maintenance cost efforts. Effective DaaS solutions provide these benefits and should include these following characteristics:

1. Remove Worries with Centralized Device Management

CIOs sometimes fear that the large number of devices — newer company-leased devices, older legacy systems, and a variety of “BYOD” models — opens up loopholes for security threats. Through DaaS, however, a third party breaks down these silos and creates order and unity.

Despite the number of device types that your organization deploys, with the DaaS model, your provider can create role-based personas and develop and deploy specialized images according to required access levels and applications based on those personas.

Effective DaaS solutions include the technology hardware, the managed services, and the consulting needed to select the right devices for your business, as well as the proper support to help keep those devices running within a monthly, predictable, per-seat fee.

2. Simplify the Process From Cradle to Grave

Your proprietary information isn’t necessarily safe when you shut down a laptop for the last time. Top DaaS solutions provide IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services to simplify the process of retiring aging technology.

No one wants important corporate data sitting around in a landfill or in someone else’s desk. ITAD provides end-to-end services including asset removal, data destruction, and environmentally-friendly disposal through a trusted, certified vendor.

Cybersecurity threats will continue to be a thorn in the sides of business leaders. Decision-makers must be willing to invest in solutions that minimize risk and defend proprietary and customer information from a wide variety of threats.

CompuCom offers DaaS to help your organization stay secure and organized. Learn more about our DaaS offerings to see what we can do to help your organization thrive.

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