How the Utility Pricing Model Works with an Enterprise Mobility Plan

February 16, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments
Utility Pricing Model

What if managing your enterprise mobility bill was as simple as paying your electricity bill?

Think about it for a moment. 

You move into a new house and plug in appliances of many sizes with various energy consumption requirements – fridge, microwave, television, computer, hairdryer and so on – without a second thought. 

You don’t spend any time wondering or worrying about setting up power access for each item. And it doesn’t matter whether your electricity consumption habits are different from the rest of the neighborhood. 

All you do is pay your bill when it is due, and continue to use the service on-demand as you need it.

Utility model for enterprise mobility suite

This is how I envision the utility pricing model working for the enterprise mobility suite. 

Your company may need a few dozen devices or thousands of them – sourcing hardware from different manufacturers is taken care of with just one phone call to your mobile access solution provider. 

Your employees might use a lot or a little data – plans are created to be user-specific and dynamically assigned based on consumption. Your deployment might be in two or six weeks from now – but either way, rest assured you’ll receive the support you need. 

Technology is not a barrier. You can choose what you require anytime, anywhere and receive one bill at the end of the month for usage, the device as well as service and support.

Imagine a scenario in which you’re in charge of a massive construction project. Your job is to make sure that everybody – architects, engineers, technicians and other workers – are on the same page. Any misalignment can cause extra expenses or delays, and the client expects you to deliver within the agreed-upon budget, and on a tight schedule. How does the utility pricing model work with your enterprise mobility suite in this example?

On-demand mobile access and BYOD

You understand the importance of technology and see an enterprise mobility suite as a key enabler for the construction project. The team must constantly stay connected to share information, check progress and tackle contingencies. But your mobile access needs are a bit unusual. Some members of this team work for the construction firm and use corporate phones, while others are subcontractors bringing their own devices (BYOD). 

With an enterprise mobility suite, you can select different components such as a mobility device management (MDM) tool or cataloged services/devices that are required to meet your specific business requirement.  

For example, somebody may accidentally lose a tablet or a phone. In that case, you need to think about ordering a new device, and wiping all sensitive information, such as the entire design of the building, to avoid any risk of leakage to competitors. Your enterprise mobile solution makes it simple to remote wipe corporate data, re-order hardware, manage applications and ship the device onsite ready for use within 24hrs.

Flexible and user-specific mobile access solution

A long-term contract with the same carrier rates for everybody would not make sense for a construction project for several reasons.

Who wants to add devices to your two- or three-year contract when they may only be required for six or nine months? Add to that the fact that each team member may use data in a different way – while some are never close to the plan limit, others always go over it. Sound familiar?

In our construction example, the architects would likely to spend most of their time in the office connected to the corporate network. They may visit the site occasionally, not using a lot of mobile data. In contrast, the construction team onsite 40+ hours a week are wholly dependent on wireless connectivity. 

In that scenario, you’re likely to pay extra charges if your company uses standard contracted rates for those under- and over-consumers.

However, with a utility model, your enterprise mobility suite can create and assign specific plans to meet your business requirements. This facilitates proper rate plan assignment based on actual consumption for your team.

Utility pricing with an enterprise mobility suite means your organization can save money and provide your team the various levels of connectivity they need to get the job done.
Our Mobile Access Solution (MAS) – powered by AT&T, is a flexible and scalable solution that makes enterprise mobility easier to deploy and cost effective to manage. Read more about avoiding the financial pitfalls of enterprise mobility management, and feel free to leave a comment below.

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