What to Look for When Bringing IT Contractors into Your Organization


If you are having your kitchen remodeled, you are not going to invite just any guy who says he is a contractor to come in and redo your kitchen. If you don’t know or trust the contractor, you could be opening your house up to being robbed or swindled. So why would you risk inviting just any technology contractor into your business to help with your technology updates or repairs?

The number of companies using hired-out event-based technical contractors is on the rise with about a six percent increase within the last decade. As more and more contractors are being hired by technology companies, security should be the top concern. Many contractors will have access to the company network allowing for the opportunity for malicious attacks.

Consider outsourcing to full-time badged technicians instead and here are four reasons why:

Background Checks and Security Training

Outsourced full-time badged technicians have an extra level of security to provide added peace of mind. Prior to being officially hired, technicians are required to undergo a background check and drug tests to ensure that they are responsible for handling company-sensitive data.

In addition to these security measures, technicians are expected to complete annual Human Resources-specific security training, sexual harassment training, client satisfactory training and, in many cases, client-specific security training to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Better Response to Emergencies

Emergencies happen. Whether internal emergencies or natural disasters, it’s nice to know you can rely on trusted technicians to help. Clients expect to get the right resources when the need arises. Working with an outsourcing organization that hires full-time technicians provides a wide database of services that can cover any need with a great track record of getting the job done, and getting it done right.

Better Qualified Candidates

As mentioned earlier, full-time technicians tend to have more access to company- and client-specific security trainings, but it doesn’t stop there. By outsourcing from a company that hires trusted technicians, you can expect that these technicians are completely up-to-date with their certifications and skill sets such as CompTIA A+, or CompTIA Server+.

Vested in the Success of the Company

Badged technicians are vested in the success of the company because they are essentially full-time company employees. They are treated to the same benefits and bonuses from their employer company as the marketing, IT, finance and human resources departments. Plus, technicians are often treated to variable pay opportunities that are directly tied to their performance in areas such as on time delivery, first time fix and client satisfaction.

As a result, these technicians tend to be more efficient and thorough in their work as they are more invested in maintaining existing clients. Customer satisfaction is often a direct mechanism for  technician compensation.

While it might not be practical to use full time contractors for every service event for your company, when hiring contractors for a job, consider working with a company who hires known, trusted resources as opposed to ad-hoc. Partnering with a company that primarily uses full-time technicians will give you better peace of mind and addresses the needs stated earlier.

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