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Today’s employees are empowered to work remotely, and use laptops as well as mobile devices to complete their tasks. An increasing percentage of their work is being done on tablets and even smartphones. In fact, multiple surveys show more business and personal email (54 percent in 2017, according to Litmus) is read on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop.  

Based on the growing adoption of mobile devices, it only makes sense that your service desk solution should be available on a mobile application to accommodate your employees and to meet the demands of their role. If your existing provider does not offer a mobile solution, you should consider finding one that does, so that your employees and IT team can be productive whenever and wherever needed.

A good mobile app services solution essentially provides users and their employers with five primary benefits: mobility, simplicity, efficiency, productivity and information. 

Here are some tangible examples of the benefits of providing your users with a service desk mobile app:

1. Mobility: Your employees can get instant help in the palm of their hands

One of the biggest advantages of having a service desk mobile app is the ability of your employees to efficiently and effectively solve their own problems 24/7 with a robust knowledge base or by unlocking their own passwords. Users are also empowered with quick links to help with submitting tickets, receiving updates and even chatting with an agent while on the go. Whether they are at a customer site or riding the bus or subway, your employees can get the support they need to stay productive, regardless of their location or the time of day. 

2. Simplicity: Good mobile platforms are often more intuitive and easier to use

Tailored for smaller screens, service desk mobile apps should offer simple-to-use interfaces that display the most frequently used tools and basic fields that can be filled out quickly and easily. The more intuitive an interface is, the more likely an app is to be widely used, because of the effective and efficient user interface it provides. Also, mobile apps often make self-service options easier to navigate, enabling employees to troubleshoot issues on their own any time during the day (or night) without needing to request service, which can save your business money. Similarly, you should also provide flexibility in terms of which contact methods you offer, so that you can direct users to lower-cost self-help versus higher-cost calls to the service desk.

3. Efficiency: User identification is faster and easier

Users of a mobile service desk app provide integrated information upfront that agents can instantly access when their assistance is requested. The employee’s identity is verified and the agent will be able to help more quickly. There’s no need to answer questions about who is calling or provide a history of service requests. The agent will automatically be able to access the employee’s basic information when they receive the request.

4. Productivity: Less time spent requesting help means more productive workers

Finding the help ticket location is one challenge, but submitting it can be another. When there are many fields to fill out, employees may procrastinate on submitting their support ticket until their problem escalates and they need immediate assistance. Mobile service desk solutions can negate this issue by auto-filling saved fields in each ticket. When an employee is signed into his or her account on a mobile device, the basic fields are already captured. This means employees spend less time away from their work filling out forms, and can use that time to be productive and drive the business forward. 

5. Informational: Notifications on mobile devices keep employees informed

Emails are constantly flooding your employees’ inboxes, so how do you effectively keep users updated on the status of their tickets? Mobile service desk solutions should have the option to give employees notifications on their mobile devices so they can stay up-to-date on the status of their tickets. Employees can opt for text messages to alert them about updates instead of, or in addition to, emails. This also helps employees respond more quickly to an agent if follow up is required.

You can provide round-the-clock benefits of a service desk in the palm of your users’ hands by offering them a robust, yet easy-to-use mobile app service desk solution.

How would such a solution impact your organization? Check out the SmartDesk Solution Savings Calculator to find out. Please share your thoughts in the comments. 

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