Winning With the “No Contract” Enterprise Mobility Suite

December 13, 2016 | Post by Tim McCulley | 0 Comments
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“No-contract” and “enterprise” are two words not often heard in the same sentence.

As the pace of business increases and the move to digitalization evolves, flexibility and finances become a secret weapon that can help a company secure a new opportunity, or hold it back.

A scenario that reflects this is with enterprise mobility contracts offered from the common carriers. 

Companies are forced to place smartphones, laptops, tablets, hotspots and connected devices on pre-determined contracted rates causing them to pay for a 5GB Data-only plan when they only need a 2GB plan; or they pay for a 2GB Data-only plan when they need a 6GB plan and are forced to pay overage charges.  

Why, you may ask, do the common carriers lack the flexibility and responsiveness in their offering?

I rest my case. You’re probably thinking, “is this the best we can do for our organization and end users?”

Sometimes a business request needs to be done quickly. Have you ever tried to get hundreds of devices live on a carrier’s network within hours? What hoops do you have to jump through to even try? Would a solution that provides activation request around the clock help satisfy the business request? 

Companies are missing out if they can’t quickly “light up” approved devices to satisfy a business opportunity or customer requirement. 

Deployment Within a Week

Let’s say that your head of sales signs a major construction deal that involves a short-term deployment within seven days. About 50 members of your staff will be working at the customer’s site for eight weeks. The managers will need devices – but only for a short time. Should these devices be bought outright and remain in storage after the project ends? 

The staff on site will need wireless connectivity for voice, text and data. Your current enterprise wireless plan is an automatic lock-in for two years. Your team only needs the access for eight weeks. 

There has to be a better way.

Your head of sales won the construction deal because your company was flexible enough to send staff to the customer’s site ASAP. The big challenge here is that your current wireless contracts don’t offer the flexibility with service and support that customers require. This is preventing business from being done.  

Another key issue, can your IT department provide the required support for these remote associates. If not, what next?

What you need is a single-source solution provider that can be quickly brought in as soon as new projects start, and closed out as soon as the project ends. All without any penalties for short-term use. A kind of pay-as-you-go scenario may be a great option. Pay as you go with the security of an enterprise solution and the support of a knowledgeable helpdesk 24/7.

Innovation and Scalability

The “no contract” enterprise mobility suite opens the door for new ways of doing business. You can win and execute deals without being restricted by long-term carrier contracts or commitments. You are free to scale up and down as the opportunities present themselves, including the flexibility to add different rate plans as required. 

On site, staff are able to use their mobile devices as needed without being restricted by pre-existing data plans. 

Never Taken for Granted

The “no contract” mobility solution means that the solution provider has the incentive to deliver excellent service – a single-source solution provider with employed service technicians (as opposed to outsourced) who can truly assist you 24/7/365.

Imagine that your staff accidently breaks a few tablets and urgently require a replacement. That is easy. One phone call and everything is organized overnight. Your staff can be up and running within 24 hours. 

This is much simpler than if you had to coordinate with carriers and OEMs for replacement devices and data plans. If so, it would be several cycles of 24 hours before this matter was resolved.

Keeping Cost Under Control

Your Finance team will be spared the headache thanks to a no-contract mobility solution. They do not have to spend ages cross-checking multiple bills against the actual data usage of your offsite workers. They receive one invoice that sums up the overall data consumed. With rate plans specifically designed for your end users, you pay for what you need and stop leaving data on the table.  

Your Third or Fourth Choice = Your Best Choice

Working with a single-source solution provider who offers a flexible enterprise mobility suite does not mean giving up your existing negotiated suppliers and plans

Having a dedicated option for short-term or one-off projects where connectivity and enterprise network access is needed may be a cost-effective way to capitalize on new business opportunities without the headache of technology getting in the way. 

Think of this type of single solution supplier as your third or fourth carrier – but one specializing in rapid and flexible mobility deployments as you need them.  

Is your organization often in need of short-term, unexpected or urgent deployments anywhere, anytime? Share your experiences in the comments section. Learn how this insurance company implemented a mobile access solution after a natural disaster to help increase their respond times.

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