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  • Retail IT Project Management

    The Importance of Retail Technology Services & Project Management

    • December 20, 2016
    • Post by Tom Alvey

    Long before a piece of IT equipment is ordered, retailers need to devise a project management plan that covers each stage of the IT upgrade. There are different factors to consider before, during and after the actual implementation of new technology at the store level.

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  • Identity Management

    Keys to Automation: Establishing a Global Identity Relationship Management Platform

    • December 15, 2016
    • Post by Sam Gross

    How do we attenuate the various dimensions of your identity to deliver the most appropriate service, maintain productivity and manage or encourage – not only limit – the use of technology to be more productive?

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  • MAS No Contract

    Winning With the “No Contract” Enterprise Mobility Suite

    • December 13, 2016
    • Post by Tim McCulley

    Your regular data plans are not a good fit when you cannot predict how much capacity is required by employees working offsite. Find out how the “no contract” enterprise mobility suite handles deployments anywhere, anytime.

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  • The Old Reliable POS System is Holding you Back from Omnichannel Retail

    Put POS at the Center of your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

    • December 06, 2016
    • Post by Jennifer Brooks

    Ahh, the old reliable point-of-sale (POS) system. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable and it works. For retailers, the thought of replacing their entire network of POS hardware and software can be an uncomfortable proposition. But out-of-date POS systems quickly become an inhibitor and don’t line up with the larger omnichannel retail strategy.

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  • IT Asset Disposition: How to Maximize the Return on Your Used IT Assets

    How to Maximize the Return on Your Used IT Assets

    • December 01, 2016
    • Post by Jeff Hickey

    As your desktops, laptops and other IT assets reach the end of their lifecycle and need to be retired, do you have a strategy? Here are seven tips for getting the most back for your used assets.

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  • Windows 10 for Financial Services

    Why Financial Services Need Windows 10 for Security

    • November 29, 2016
    • Post by Charley Ballmer

    Banks and other financial services entities are high-value targets for hackers and other 21st Century thieves. Learn how an IT refresh with the new Windows 10 Operating System and Inte architecture provides the hardware-based security that organizations need to resist modern threats.

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