COMPx: Tech Success Worth Sharing

CompuCom’s COMPx video series offers key insights on how today’s best run enterprises are putting technology to work. In this series, CompuCom shares case studies on how we’re helping clients – healthcare, financial services, retail and more – leverage technology as an enabler to achieve critical business imperatives.

Southeastern Utility Company

Learn how CompuCom keeps this major utility company’s infrastructure running smoothly.

Global Cosmetics and Fragrances Leader

See how CompuCom is helping this global cosmetics and fragrances leader reimagine the end-user experience.


Media Giant

Discover how CompuCom partnered with this media giant to transform end-user support services.

U.S. Financial Leader

Find out how CompuCom helps this financial services leader achieve sustained success through streamlined IT operations and managed services.

Retail Powerhouse

Discover how CompuCom helps this retail powerhouse keep its systems up and running, and its customers coming back for more.

Leading Pharmaceutical

Learn how CompuCom helped a leading pharmaceutical effectively leverage technology to better support mission-critical operations.


Top Five U.S. Bank

Uncover how this top five U.S. bank strategically partnered with CompuCom to implement life cycle management solutions.

Global Chemicals Leader

Learn how CompuCom helped this global chemicals leader transform its infrastructure to realize greater productivity and efficiency gains.

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