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The new style of IT Service Management (ITSM) may have as much or more to do with Amazon, Google and Facebook than it does with old style of ITSM. Thanks to these tech giants, today’s technology users have become accustomed to one-click service consumption, digital social channels for communication, and access from any device anywhere. IT service delivery is being forced to become faster, more flexible, and fully-automated.

CompuCom Helps Client Update their ITSM Style with the Help of ServiceNow and Our GoLiveNow Accelerators

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CompuCom knows how difficult implementing a new ITSM solution can be because we’ve done it for ourselves and for more than 100 clients. Today, we put this experience to use to help clients overcome the common challenges faced when looking improve/or implement for the first time a comprehensive ITSM solutions.

To help overcome the most common challenges – too complicated, too many resources required, too many system overhauls, too much time involved, too expensive - we’ve chosen ServiceNow© as our platform of choice. CompuCom made ServiceNow our primarily ITSM platform in 2006 and now we run one of the largest multi-tenant installations of ServiceNow in the world.

Key Benefits of the CompuCom/ServiceNow solution include:

  • Simplifies the transition and reduces upfront capital expenditures by moving to a cloud based solution
  • Improved response rates by moving to a modern service management platform that is easily accessible to users from anywhere and from any device
  • Ability to do more with less, and do more better ,and faster resulting in more projects being completed on time and on budget
  • Ability to automate more tasks and reduce the number of resources needed to support the system
  • Quick and easy installation with CompuCom’s GoLiveNow accelerators

Whether you're considering a new service management platform or integrating existing investments, find out how CompuCom's ITIL®-certified service delivery experts can assist you in meeting your support objectives. Contact Us.

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