Backup, Archival & Disaster Recovery

What is your tolerance for data loss?

Backup, Archival & Disaster Recovery

You rely on data to run your business. The loss or unavailability of critical data can mean loss of productivity, revenue or possible regulatory compliance fines.

Developing a backup, archival and disaster recovery plan is more than installing disks and tape devices and scheduling processes. Creating a strategic process for archiving and protecting your data calls for a thorough knowledge of the:

  • Types of data being archived
  • Storage, retention and retrieval requirements
  • Risks associated with lost or unavailable data
  • System architecture to support the process

We’ve developed a comprehensive discovery and assessment process to assist you. We identify and document the current state and create a strategy and roadmap to arrive at a desired state that achieves your business objectives while maintaining the flexibility to meet future demands.

Our architects and consultants use this information to assemble and integrate the devices and processes required to meet your specific needs. Our expertise in virtualization, servers, networking, and cloud provides us with a holistic view of storage architecture. Our partnerships with major technology suppliers allow us to offer multi-vendor support with a single point of contact.

The results are a strategy and solution that:

  • Reduces backup and archival hardware, software and maintenance costs
  • Yields greater efficiency from current and future storage investments
  • Improves performance of storage resources
  • Increases availability and reduces data loss and exposure

If your risk of data loss outweighs your tolerance for loss and you are ready to make improvements, contact us.

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