Whether you’re stuck in the beginning, middle or end of your Windows migration, CompuCom can help you move forward

We’ve helped hundreds of clients over the past 25 years deploy new versions of Windows, and we can help you. If you’re facing logistical challenges, application compatibility issues or other problems, we can help you get past them and get your Windows migration back on track.

What Makes Us Different
We Use a Four-Phase Approach That Jointly Focuses on IT’s Project Needs and the End Users’ Experience.

CompuCom’s methodology is based on a four-phase approach that ensures effective and consistent service delivery on every project, no matter where we are starting within the project. This also allows us to analyze and compile information about your end-user situation in a comprehensive and actionable way. 

  • Phase 1: User Experience Monitoring – Assess client performance, track application usage and monitor network utilization
  • Phase 2: IT Interviews and Workshops – Collaborate with IT departments to consider the technical environment, review hardware and software usage, and discuss current device challenges
  • Phase 3: User Interviews and Questionnaire – Interview sample of users, gather feedback, review current performance and user expectations
  • Phase 4: User Classifications and Workload Summary – Document findings and estimated hardware, software and support costs per user class

What Makes Us Different
We Bring Proprietary Tools and Methodologies That Are Proven and Automate Many of the Management and Image Deployment Pieces of the Project.

CompuCom’s agility includes customizing industry standards quickly to fit the customer’s Windows deployment scenario while removing as many decision points and complexities as possible from the client-side activities in this deployment. CompuCom is well-positioned to provide key and core components of a zero-touch deployment mechanism with high reuse and low customization entry points. Our networking extensions and our highly reusable, componentized OS and deployment customization approach provides a key differentiator for CompuCom and spans all sizes and types of customers who are challenged with finishing their Windows migration effort.

CompuCom’s continued success with Windows migrations is due largely in part to the CompuCom Deployment Manager (CDM), a web-based application with a Microsoft SQL database repository, designed to be the nerve center of a deployment operation. All the data surrounding the deployment is maintained in a centralized data store, and the workflow of a machine is managed and advanced through the process automatically as process steps are completed. Typical success with the implementation of CDM is evident in our work with a large insurance company that had lost control of their Windows 7 migration: 

  • The Problem – After justifying a company wide refresh with a migration to Windows 7, the Insurance Company decided to manage the engineering and deployment internally and soon ran into a number of technical issues they were unprepared to resolve. As the result of a chaotic management schedule and 4+ hour individual migrations, the incomplete project eventually came to a halt. 
  • The Solution - After performing a three-day assessment, the CompuCom team recommended that the Insurance Company employ CDM for full visibility into all of the migration elements as well as the ability to directly engage the end-user. The approach fit perfectly into the company’s culture and had a significantly positive impact on IT support, management teams and end-user experience.
  • The Results - As a result of CompuCom stepping in to take over the management of the deployment and implementation of CDM, CompuCom was able to save the client more than 100,000 hours in deployment and deploy a total of 3,441 desktops, which surpassed the client’s internal goal of 3,000 desktops by the end of 2012. The deployment of the remaining 2,400 machines is on schedule to be completed ahead of the April 8, 2014 deadline for end of support on Windows XP.

Nobody knows desktop migrations like CompuCom does. We’ve been helping clients of all sizes successfully migrate and deploy new versions of Windows, from NT to Windows 7, for more than 25 years. We pull resources from across our organization of 11,000 associates to deliver desktop planning and migration services that leverage the experience of some of the top Microsoft consultants in North America and proven best practices, industry-leading tools, and experience migrating and managing more than 4.5 million Windows-powered devices.

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