The Enterprise Mobility Flaw: Consistently Paying for Unused Data

Some of your employees will go over, incurring voice and data overages.

The promise of enterprise mobility, “At What Expense”? As companies cultivate a work environment that provides the ability for employees to work from anywhere at any time to enhance employee satisfaction, productivity and streamline IT processes, the cost of mobile access for connected devices continues to rise with traditional carriers and contracts.

Mobile data use

With a dynamic work force, some teams, most often sales or field workers, are consistently using more data than others. This is a normal scenario for many American companies. Yet their typical enterprise plans blanket all users with the same allowable data per month regardless of usage needs.

Some of your employees will go over, incurring voice and data overages. Some will stay under and will be billed for full data use. Regardless, your finance department receives the bill. They are not equipped to sort out actual usage per device, so they pay the invoice as per your annual contract. This is common and happens to many companies each month – this is how you end up paying for data, international rate plans and other services you don’t use.

massive ramp up in mobile device and data usage for a short period of time

Short term projects

Other companies have a different mobile data use scenario. Their businesses may require a massive ramp up in mobile device and data usage for a short period of time.
Take an insurance company who needs to asses a highly populated area recently hit by a terrible storm. Proper assessments need to be completed quickly on damaged residential and commercial properties.

In this case, assessors need to be outfitted with tablets, phones and connectivity in order to visit multiple sites and complete insurance claims. This may mean hundreds or thousands of employees deployed short-term. They need additional devices and data plans – not ones assigned to annual contracts that encompass Early Termination Fees if you are to cancel the service.

Carrier contracts are not flexible enough to accommodate short-term needs of a massive deployment such as this. What is a typical option? In this case, an insurance company may have  200+ devices on standby for scenarios like this. Regardless of use, mobile access and data fees incur month over month.

CompuCom® has developed a flexible solution. Taking the best of the carrier – connectivity and reliability, and the best of service (friendly help desk, rapid deployment and kitting, billing that matches use) to offer the Mobile Access Solution – Powered by AT&T. An enterprise mobility solution that can deal with the dynamic nature of business today. CompuCom is a Platinum Solution Provider for AT&T, providing us the ability to offer powerful, reliable and Client specific Mobile Access Solutions to Clients.

Challenge #1 - New Corporate program requires 400 Tablets to be on a smaller Data Plan

Your current contracted rate plans will not allow you to place these devices in a smaller 2GB or 3GB plan so they get assigned to the contracted 5GB plan which costs the company more to provide.

Consider having the flexibility to add rate plans as required by the company or a specific business unit.  CompuCom can design specific 2GB or 3GB rate plans for these 400 tablets at a significantly lower cost than the 5GB rate plan with your current provider.  The CompuCom Mobility Team can design specific solutions and rate plans that meet your company and business unit requirements today and tomorrow.  Once the program is over we can deactivate these rate plans with $0 in Early Termination Fees.

Challenge #2 - Contractual Lock-in

Working directly with your carrier for your enterprise mobility needs means a 1yr or 2yr annual commitment to a standard contract that fits the carrier better than it fits your business.

Instead, picture this: mobile access Unlimited Talk/Text with data, Data Only and connected device data plans could be deployed for a 30-, 60-, or 90-day period, just enough to cover a boost in need on a short-term project and then be switched off again.

Challenge #3 - Nonsense Billing & Invoicing

Most direct carriers don’t charge for aggregate data consumption but rather for the sum of individual plans. This leads to inefficiencies as some of your staff may go above the monthly limit while others are not even close.

For your finance team, it is hard to connect the dots when bills do not detail consumption below the limit. Most likely your finance team does not have the tools to cross-check invoices with data consumed by each member of your staff.

When it comes to cost, it would make good business sense to include both over-consumers and under-consumers in the same pool and be billed for aggregate data rather than individual plans, thus avoiding unnecessary overages and minimizing unused capacity.

Doing the Math

Here is an example of how a monthly enterprise data bill can be reduced by almost 50%. These numbers are based on a real-life case study.

For the same number of users, our client was paying almost double for the data usage of what their executives and staff consumed. By automatically allocating the most efficient plan according to current data usage and billing for aggregate consumption, rather than summing up individual bills, we manage to generate annual cost savings of $696,000.

Example of a monthly enterprise data bill

Mobile Access Solution – Powered by AT&T

At CompuCom, we don’t agree with one-size-fits-all enterprise mobile access services and data plans. Partnering with CompuCom gives you the best rates coupled with our famously helpful service desk …you’ve got the most flexible and responsive enterprise mobility suite available today. We’re calling it the Mobile Access Solution – Powered by AT&T. Contact us to learn how we can help you experience a whole new way to make enterprise mobility work for your company.

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